Was Ninat in Avatar?

Was Ninat in Avatar?

I recently came across an old thread on the Tree of Souls forum titled, What do you think Ninat looks like? I must say that old threads like this hit me hard with the fun nostalgia hammer, there were so many things we didn’t and still don’t know about Avatar back then. However some of these questions have been answered in the years since. This is one of those question that has, we got some beautiful character art of Ninat when Pandora Rising was released. So we know what she looks like, however we aren’t sure if she shows up in Avatar the movie, so this is a topic I wanted to touch on. My guess is just that, my guess, this is totally for fun.

If you do a google search of Ninat you will come across speculation from various fans and sites who seem to agree the best possible guess for who Ninat is happens to be this lovely Na’vi to Neytiri’s right (I’ll refer to right vs left from our perspective as the movie viewer). This is by far the best shot we have of her face, the other screen shots I can get are just slightly different angles of this shot here.

It’s a logical guess, especially going off the lack of information we had at the time it was made. Which was simply her name, that she was the best singer, and that she could have been a potential mate for Jake. This particular photo is during the scene with the Omatikaya clan leaving their destroyed home and meeting at the Tree of Souls, which happens just before Jake shows up as Toruk Makto. However since we got a look at Ninat from the Pandora Rising game, I believe she could actually be the Na’vi on the left of Neytiri. As there are two Na’vi in this scene singing with Neytiri. Below we can see the three Na’vi women. Something else that makes sense in my mind is that the best singer would be in the middle vs on the end.

The 3 singers, including Neytiri.

Now let’s review what Ninat looks like in the art from Pandora Rising. Something important to note, this art is high quality, the pieces that depict characters we already know, such as Jake or Neytiri, look just like their movie counterparts. So I’m very confident if Ninat was in the movie she looked very close to this in the face.

When I study Ninats face and compare with the two women singing with Neytiri, I do think she is possibly the Na’vi to the left. The Na’vi woman on the right has a very uniquely shaped face, and her stripes don’t match at all. While the photos of the Na’vi to the right aren’t the greatest closeups, they show me enough to make me think she is not Ninat.

Neytiri with the singer to her left.

Ninat, the Na’vi to the right of Neytiri, and the Na’vi to the left.

The three best shots of the Na’vi who I believe to be Ninat, the left Na’vi. The stripe patterns don’t match up exactly with this singer either, that could be because there aren’t the highest of screen shots available so the artist took some liberties, or their is the possibility neither of these are Ninat. However I feel like if Ninat survived the Hometree destruction, which we don’t know, but if she did, as the best singer of the Omatikaya she would have been one of these two up front leading the singing for the clan. Looking at the face shape and what little information we have to go by, my best guess that this is in fact Ninat. Could I be wrong, absolutely, but they look very similar.

I’m curious what other fans think, Left, Right, or neither?



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