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SDCC 2022- New Avatar Lego Sets Shown

SDCC 2022- New Avatar Lego Sets Shown

Lego was at San Diego Comic Con this weekend and unveiled four new Avatar sets. Three of the sets we knew were coming, and one unknown set from the Brick Headz line.

Neytiri & Thanator vs AMP Suit Quaritch-75571

This set inspired by the end of the original Avatar movie where Neytiri confronts Quartich as he is coming close to killing Jake. It includes Neytiri and Colonel Miles Quaritch Mini figs, a build-able thanator, and AMP Suit. It also includes some color Pandoran flora to build as well. It’s 560 pieces and is listed for $44.99 with a release date of 10/1/22.

Jake & Neytiri’s First Banshee Flight-75572

This set is inspired by the original Avatar movie when Jake take’s his first flight after he completes Iknimaya, with Neytiri by his side. It includes Jake Sully and Neytiri mini figures, plus a build-able ikran for Jake and Neytiri. Also it has build-able flora that doubles as a stand for each ikran. It is 572 pieces, will cost $59.99, is set to release on 10/1/22, and can currently be pre-ordered through See the link above to secure your set.

Floating Mountains: Site 26 & RDA Samson-75573

This set is inspired by Site 26 from the original Avatar movie, it was a remote site set up high in the Hallelujah Mountains where Grace could work with less interference from the RDA powers that be. It includes Jake Sully in his human form and in his iconic yellow wheelchair, human Grace, Trudy Chacon, Jake Sully in his Avatar, and Norm Spellman in his Avatar. It has a direhorse, a build-able link shack, Trudy’s Sampson, and flora that doubles as a stand for the Sampson. The Direhorse feels a little out of place with this set at they are at a location on top of a floating mountain, but I won’t complain they included an extra. Also of note, Trudy has her warpaint on that she had during the final battle of the movie, and her Sampson is also adorned in the paint shown in the final battle. Looking through the photos it looks as if the human Jake and Grace have a reversible head, one side with a mask and one side without, Trudy also looks as if you can display her with her warpaint or without. Very cool touches, I love the attention to detail. This set is 887 pieces, will cost $99.99 and release on 10/1/22.

Jake Sully & his Avatar-40554

The last set shown at SDCC was from the stylized Brick Headz line. It features Jake in a build-able human form, and Avatar form. It is 246 pieces, will cost $19.99 and release on 10/1/22.

For our previous coverage of Lego Avatar sets-

Lego Con 2022

Lego Con 2022

Officially announced yesterday at Lego Con 2022, was our first official look at an Avatar Lego set, Toruk Makto and the Tree of Souls. It was a fun presentation with Jon Landau kicking things off, followed by Josh Izzo being at Lego Con to talk about the set, no direct embeds were allowed on this video, however the link below should take you right to the start of the Avatar portion-

I think Lego is an awesome brand, very high quality products that also is reflected in the price. I didn’t think I’d have any desire to grab any Lego sets until I watched the Lego Con stream. However after watching my mind was changed. This is such a fun looking set and it’s obvious a lot of thought and care went into designing it, I love the pa’li (direhorse) that is included, the toruk (Great Leonopteryx) is truly epic in size, and the mini figs, they look phenomenal. This set comes with Mo’at, Neytiri, Jake Sully as Toruk Makto, and Tsu’Tey. This set is supposed to be the largest of the Avatar sets that have been teased so far, and is $149.99 USD. With the hype for Avatar increasing as the original movie rereleases into theaters, and as Avatar 2 approaches I expect a lot of the merchandise to fly off the shelves this year. So if you want to make sure you get one you can preorder one now through, which shows the set will ship out by October 1 of 2022. You can preorder it here-

While the other upcoming releases weren’t covered during Lego Con, here is a list of all known Avatar Lego sets so far-

Neytiri & Thanator vs. AMP Suit 75571: $39.99 | 560 pieces
Jake and Neytiri First Flight on a Banshee 75572: $54.99 | 572 pieces
Floating Mountains 75573: $89.99 | 887 pieces
Toruk Makto and the Tree of Souls 75574: $149.99 | 1,212 pieces







Avatar 2 Merchandise Updates, McFarlane Toys, Lego, and more

Avatar 2 Merchandise Updates, McFarlane Toys, Lego, and more

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In an article posted by License Global, we got a clearer picture of how the Avatar 2 merchandise landscape will look. Some of this has been known for some time, but since it’s covered in the article I’ll touch on it again. More books will be coming from DK Publishing this year, including one already released in Europe, The World of Avatar: A Visual Exploration. Plus more books from DK will be released as the sequels progress. Dark Horse will continue to make comics for the franchise, telling stories from the past to the present, the newest release is due out on May the 4th, Avatar: Adapt or Die. A new console and PC game, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is coming from Ubisoft. It is expected to release in 2022, although no finale date has been announced. You will be able to play in an open world as a Na’vi, exploring the previously unseen western frontier. A new mobile game is coming from Archosaur Games and Level Infinite, Avatar: Reckoning. The new action figure line will be produced by McFarlane Toys, with buildable sets coming from Lego that will be from major movie moments from Avatar and Avatar 2. Some of the other licensees will be, Adidas, Disguise, Duvetica, Citizen, Trends International, Hallmark, Ferrero and Zing.

“Our focus will be centered around products that celebrate the characters and, most notably, the world of Pandora. With the amazing breadth and depth of creatures and flora, we’ve tapped into the immersive world of Avatar and its many environments. Given the story and themes, we’re excited to introduce products that capture environmental elements such as flight and water in innovative ways. To further support, we’re also planning global retail activations across multiple touchpoints so we can engage consumers where they are shopping today – both physically and digitally.”

“From a merchandise perspective, we’ve seen extensive collaboration between Lightstorm Entertainment and various licensees, with cross-category products including highly detailed figures and collectibles, apparel, accessories, footwear, home décor and more. There will also be an extensive new collection of products for parks and direct-to-consumer retail across apparel, toys and home products that will lean into the unique color palette, environmental elements and creatures from Avatar 2.”

It seems we soon will be immersed in lot’s of new Avatar products and media. It is really exciting to get the latest sneak peek into what is just on the horizon. It looks to be a very exciting end to 2022 for all of us Avatar fans. You can see the link to the entire License Global article below-

Avatar LEGO Ideas- The Illuminated World of Pandora UPDATE

Avatar LEGO Ideas- The Illuminated World of Pandora UPDATE

Last summer we were supporting a Lego set creation by Bulldoozer. If he was able to get his Avatar inspired Lego set to 10,000 likes then he would be able to get the set reviewed, after being reviewed he would have the possibility the set would be produced for sale. Through the support of all of the amazing Avatar and Lego fans out there he was able to reach his 10,000 likes mark. He recently found out however the set wasn’t accepted to be produced. What a bummer, I was really pulling for him, but perhaps this means Disney has good reasons to allow it not to be made. Perhaps they are working on their own Lego sets, or have an agreement with a competitor such as Mega Construx. I thought the public announcement he made was great however and wanted to share-

Avatar: The Illuminated World of Pandora

Support Avatar LEGO Ideas- The Illuminated World of Pandora and Toruk

Support Avatar LEGO Ideas- The Illuminated World of Pandora and Toruk

Have you ever wanted an Avatar Lego set? Well Bulldoozer’s LEGO Ideas is trying to make that a reality. He designed an Avatar LEGO set based on the world of Pandora. If the set gets 10,000 votes in the #LEGOIdeas competition, LEGO can decide if they want to produce and sell it as an actual set. You can vote for this awesome set here-

To vote you do need to create an account. Just click “SUPPORT” in the upper right hand corner of the page and you’ll be prompted for you age, then you can create a new account or login from your Facebook, Google, or Apple account. If you want to see this come to life please take the time to vote to make Bulldoozer’s set a reality. As of this posting I was number 5532 to vote for the set, so he is over half way to the needed amount.

Please also check out and support this project from Ogel_. Avatar: Toruk-The Last Shadow. Here is what Oleg has to say about his project-

The great leonopteryx, known as Toruk in Na’vi’s language. His name can be translated as Last Shadow because the last thing you see when it attacks is his shadow above you. Toruk is the apex predator of Pandora, it is feared but respected by the different Na’vi tribes.
I’m a huge fan of Avatar and it’s been a while that I wanted to build iconic creatures and vehicles from this movie. So, I started to create this project a few months ago and I have modified it a lot of times to be more realistic and more robust. I wanted to create an articulated model so it is more playable and it can take a lot of positions like a flying one, a walked one where the “feathers” fold or an intimidating one and lots more!
Now if you want your own Toruk to lead and win every battle you do against the invaders, support my project.
 I hope that you like it.

I would love to see both of these projects reach 10,000 votes. Toruk would look amazing with the Pandora set. As more updates come in about either set I will share them with you all.