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Avatar: The Way of Water trailer leaks

Avatar: The Way of Water trailer leaks

Hey all, as I’m sure you’ve seen, four stills from the upcoming trailer were posted across social media today. Out of respect to everyone who’s spent years working on the sequels I don’t share anything that isn’t official. Just as I didn’t share the leaked movie titles I won’t be sharing the 4 movie stills until the time comes where I can. However that doesn’t mean they don’t exist and that fan’s aren’t excited and talking about what they’ve seen. For fan discussion on the upcoming trailer join us on‘s Discord where we are chatting about all things Avatar, and stop by and learn some Na’vi while you’re at it. If you are more of a forum user you can check out the forum, which has been around since the early days of Avatar. I am a proud member and supporter of both places.

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Congratulations to on reaching 1,000 members!

Congratulations to on reaching 1,000 members! hit an impressive milestone today, reaching their 1,000th member. I think that’s great considering there hasn’t been much in the way of new content over the last couple of years. Kelutral has done a great job of filling the void in the Avatar fandom that has been caused by other fan sites shutting down or just being inactive. If you are unfamiliar with Kelutral, they are a Discord server based Avatar fan community with a focus on learning the Na’vi language. However you don’t have to learn the language to join in and hang out with other members. The past two years they’ve hosted OmatiCon, which is an online Avatar convention, filled with games, speakers, Avatar watch parties, and just an all around great time. If you want to join click the invite below!

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If you are wanting to start learning the Na’vi language, or are simply looking to connect with other Avatar fans then you need to come check out Over the past 11 years many of the fan communities have dried up. However Kelutral has a very active community, it’s a welcoming place, and you don’t have to speak any Na’vi to be a part of the chat. It’s also growing, and will continue to do so as we move closer and closer to the sequels. At the beginning of this year they hosted an online Avatar Con called Omaticon. There were games, trivia, two guest speakers, a community movie viewing, a Na’vi drawing lesson, and lots else. It was a lot of fun and a great break from all the stuff we’ve dealt with the last couple of years in the world. You won’t want to miss out on the next Omaticon.

If you’d like some really cool Avatar merch and want to help out Kelutral in the process you can swing by their Etsy shop. They have some really great shirts, hoodies, hats, and now have hand made ikran bracelets. Many of the items feature the Kelutral logo which is a top notch design. I can personally vouch for the quality of the products. What’s even better is some are eco-friendly, with the t shirts being 100% recycled fabric. You can view their Etsy Store here -> Kelutal Etsy update update

Yesterday, the official website for Avatar, released a stunning new update. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out. You can do a bit of everything on there now, from learning Na’vi words from Paul Frommer himself, to planning a trip to Pandora: The World of Avatar, to exploring the fan communities of Learn Na’vi, Kelutral, and Avatar Meet. It’s becoming a truly centralized location of where fans can go to check out everything going on in the Avatar universe, I think it’s fantastic! It’s great seeing the Avatar franchise move closer to relaunching itself in the build up to Avatar 2.

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Omaticon 2021 was amazing

Omaticon 2021 was amazing

Omaticon 2021 was yesterday, and what a fun time it was. If you are unfamiliar with Omaticon, it was a virtual con hosted by It was a chance for Avatar fans to join up and to play games, have social time, and hear from two Avatar professionals, Paul Frommer and Ty Ruben. It started bright and early here in the currently snowy Midwest, and lasted until it was bed time. This was the first year for Omaticon but I am certain it wont be the last. While nothing can replace the face to face interactions that come from in person conventions, a virtual con has it’s own perks. Firstly it was cheap, it didn’t cost attendees a thing. There were no long lines, no exposure to COVID, plus as many people as wanted could join up at any time.

We started off the day playing a game I wasn’t familiar with, Quiplash. After watching a few games and interacting as a member of the audience I got a grasp of the game and later jumped in for a session. I got lucky and won my game so I stepped out and let others who were waiting to play have their chance. For me being a member of the interactive audience was as much fun as being one of the participants, making it a perfect game for a virtual con.

The next activity was a Discord Q&A with Ty Ruben, who was a vehicle concept designer on the original Avatar. It was a fun hour long discussion, we heard a lot of cool interesting information and he answered questions at the end. Huge thanks to him for being gracious with his time and happily talking to a bunch of Avatar fans. Give Ty a follow on twitter

After that we had a Na’vi drawing workshop with Kelutrals own EanaUnil. She taught us how to layout and draw a Na’vi head. It was very informative and she has a natural ability to teach. I learned a lot, especially about the way to layout a face accurately. I hope we get to see more of these in the future as Eana is extremely talented and a great teacher. You can check out more of her work at her website

Next up was Paul Frommer, Na’vi language creator. Paul hosted a webinar on Zoom titled Language Learning vs Language Acquisition. Karyu Pawl was as great as always. He is a lovely man, a true professional, and hearing him speak Na’vi and learning from him is always a treat. You can check out his Na’vi language blog at and check out the video of this event below.

After the webinar we played Kahoot!, which is another game I hadn’t played before. It was used at Omaticon as a true or false/multiple choice Avatar Trivia game. I was born to play an Avatar Trivia game with fellow Avatar fans. The game excited me a lot. Mako came up with some challenging yet fun questions, and I think people really enjoyed playing and debating some answers, such as if the ikran has 6 limbs or not. Again I was fortunate enough to win the game that was played on the North American servers while being challenged and having a ton of fun. It’s something I hope we get to do again.

After some Avatar trivia we had a group watch of Avatar, there was a countdown timer so we could all sync up the start of the movie and watch it through at the exact same time. I wasn’t able to be at my computer the entire time this was happening as I had some things going on, but what I was able to sit down and listen to was cool. People were pointing out things that were meaningful to them or that they noticed, others were debating details, everyone was just enjoying watching Avatar with the company of fellow fans. I thought it was really resonated with the members who joined it.

Mako, who was instrumental in Omaticon 2021 happening, shared that there were 71 unique users, over 1200 messages sent, and over 10 hours spent in voice chat consecutively. Wow…how awesome to see 71 people join up for this. I know Mako, along with a few others, worked their txìm off so they could bring us this special event. So make sure you thank them on Discord if you haven’t already.

If you joined in on the fun yesterday please let Kelutral know how you felt about it with this short survey- Omaticon 2021 Survey

If you’d like to help support Kelutral, or just want some really fun Avatar swag from the Con check out their Etsy store- Keultral Etsy

Here is a few screenshots and the video of Paul from yesterdays events, I meant to take a lot more but got caught up in what was happening. Thank you again to Kelutral and all the wonderful fans who attended and made it a day to remember.