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Avatar-The High Ground history recap

Avatar-The High Ground history recap

The first time I’d ever heard of The High Ground from Dark Horse comics was 3 years ago, in early October 2019. There was a listing on Amazon UK that showed it would be out in just a few short months, arriving on 1/23/20. However then the listing disappeared and no further information was given.

The next bit of info came out in 1/16/21, during a Q & A promoting Avatar-The Next Shadow comic series two pieces character at from The High Ground were shown. I don’t believe they intended to show these as it’s never been discussed and they didn’t touch on it then. The two characters were Yeyatley and Pentyaru. During that Q & A no mention of The High Ground was made. However during this time it was discovered The High Ground was listed on the Arab Emirates Amazon but with the same information we’d seen previously on the UK site.

In early May if 2022 the UK listing was alive and update with a high resolution photo. Through an ISBN search I found out at that time Volume 1 was hardcover and schedule to be released in December of 2022.

In June of 2022, we finally had Volumes 1-3 listed with descriptions and release dates, plus we got to see the cover for Vol 2. At that time Vol was releasing 10/10/22, Vol 2 12/6/22, and Vol 3 12/20/22.

In August of 2022 we finally had the covers for all 3 Volumes and new release dates yet again, Vol 1 10/12/22, Vol 2 11/30/22, Vol 3 12/7/22.

In September we got our first look at preview pages for Vol 1, and little has changed since then, besides the release dates, did I mention they have been updated yet again?

Here is the most recent dates-

Avatar-The High Ground
Vol 1-11/2 comic shops 11/22 general retail
Vol 2-11/30 comic shops 12/13 general retail
Vol 3- 12/7 comic shops 12/20 general retail

Something to note comic shops are supposed to receive their copies on the earlier of the two dates, then all retailers on the later date. It’s believed we will be able to buy them digitally from Dark Horse Digital at the earlier of the two dates, however that’s not confirmed yet.

So that’s the long and somewhat wacky history of The High Ground.

If you still need to preorder any of the issues you can here at the following links-

The High Ground Volume 1

The High Ground Volume 2

The High Ground Volume 3

The High Ground Library Edition (Collects Volumes 1-3)

Avatar: The High Ground volumes 1-3 up for preorder

Avatar: The High Ground volumes 1-3 up for preorder

Amazon now has Volumes 1-3 of Avatar-The High Ground available to pre-order. There is also updated descriptions and release dates. Currently it shows Volume 2 and 3 are going to release the same month, I wouldn’t be surprised to see these dates changed a few more times before it’s all said and done. Volume 2 now has a cover image as well, big thanks to Exostike for sharing that image.

Volume 1-Release date October 10th, 2022

It has been almost a decade since the humans were forced to leave Pandora—but now they’re returning—with an armada of heavily-armed starships!

After years of peace, Jake Sully has settled down with Neytiri and raised a family, so for him, the stakes are even higher than when he first went to war against the corporate might of the RDA.

During the development process of creating the four Avatar sequels, a lot of new ideas and stories were created and discussed. One such EPIC original story idea that didn’t make it into the sequels was James Cameron’s original story—“The High Ground.” Cameron shared what he had written with Dark Horse Comics and it is now being adapted by award-winning author Sherri L. Smith (The Toymaker’s Apprentice, Orleans), and illustrated by Brazilian artist Guilherme Balbi.

Avatar: The High Ground Volume 1 ventures into all-new territory in the Avatar saga, and is a direct prequel to the highly-anticipated film sequel Avatar 2!

Volume 2-December 6th, 2022

Humans have returned to Pandora—with an armada of starships—but Jake Sully and the Na’vi are ready for them!

Knowing this day would come, Jake has trained his Na’vi warriors with a plan that should make it too costly for the humans to try again . . . if the plan works.

But, any chain of events is only as strong as the weakest link, and in this case the weak link is human nature. As the plan unravels, Jake and Neytiri must race against time to return to Pandora and save their children before the starships land.

James Cameron’s epic original story “The High Ground” continues in this graphic novel adaptation written by award-winning author Sherri L. Smith (The Toymaker’s Apprentice, Orleans) and illustrated by Diego Galindo (Stranger Things: The Tomb of Ybwen, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers). Avatar: The High Ground Volume 2 takes fans to parts of the Avatar universe never anticipated!

Volume 3-December 20th, 2022

Jake Sully’s fears have come crashing to Pandora, guns blazing. The Sky People are planet-side, and taking Hell’s Gate by storm.

Jake and Neytiri’s children are still on base, surrounded and outgunned. Years of advancement on Earth means they’ll be bringing more firepower than Jake could anticipate. Unable to fully rely on his intel, Jake will have to improvise and risk it all to protect his family, his people, and their home. The battle is underway and every Na’vi is in danger.

Experience the epic finale of James Cameron’s original story “The High Ground” in this graphic novel adaptation written by award-winning author Sherri L. Smith (The Toymaker’s Apprentice, Orleans) and illustrated by Agustin Padilla (Suicide Squad, Transformers, Borderlands, Predator: Hunters II) and Miguel Angel Ruiz (The Passing, Crossed: Badlands). The exciting conclusion to Avatar: The High Ground leads you directly into the opening of the long-awaited film sequel Avatar 2!

Pre-order from Amazon here-

Avatar-The High Ground Vol 1

Avatar-The High Ground Vol 2

Avatar-The High Ground Vol 3

Avatar: The High Ground Release

Avatar: The High Ground Release

Huge thanks to Exostike for keeping tabs on Avatar: The High Ground. This is a comic series that I’ve covered before due to a leak on Amazon. However the listing was later removed from some of the various Amazon countries, and no official information has surfaced about it. The only thing spotted so far apart from the Amazon listings was a couple of photos during a live stream that showed what appeared to be characters from the comic. Exo noticed and shared that the Amazon UK listing had been updated and the photo of the cover was re-uploaded in a higher resolution photo. After a quick search I turned up a bit more information. It appears Volume 1 will be Hardcover and is due to be published in December of this year. This is the first time this information has appeared when I’ve searched for it. However, as often as Dark Horse has had their Avatar comics pushed back, take the month of December with a grain of salt right now. However we have an idea when it is scheduled to release.


For a full recap of the previous High Ground article, click here-

Avatar: Adapt or Die delayed

Avatar: Adapt or Die delayed

Just a quick update, the first installment of the new Avatar comic series Adapt or Die was scheduled to release today. However it’s been pushed back one week and will release on 5/11/22.

Decades into the advent of the Avatar program on Pandora, pressure to bridge the divide between human and Na’vi has hit a peak. As an ally of the Omatikaya clan, Dr. Grace Augustine begins negotiations to open a school for Na’vi children, but her plans for peace, hope, and unity could trigger an unprecedented disaster-one afflicting the most vulnerable and protected of Na’vi.

Artist- Beni Lobel

Writer- Corinna Bechko

Cover- Mark Molchan

Avatar 2 Merchandise Updates, McFarlane Toys, Lego, and more

Avatar 2 Merchandise Updates, McFarlane Toys, Lego, and more

Photo: Copyright


In an article posted by License Global, we got a clearer picture of how the Avatar 2 merchandise landscape will look. Some of this has been known for some time, but since it’s covered in the article I’ll touch on it again. More books will be coming from DK Publishing this year, including one already released in Europe, The World of Avatar: A Visual Exploration. Plus more books from DK will be released as the sequels progress. Dark Horse will continue to make comics for the franchise, telling stories from the past to the present, the newest release is due out on May the 4th, Avatar: Adapt or Die. A new console and PC game, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is coming from Ubisoft. It is expected to release in 2022, although no finale date has been announced. You will be able to play in an open world as a Na’vi, exploring the previously unseen western frontier. A new mobile game is coming from Archosaur Games and Level Infinite, Avatar: Reckoning. The new action figure line will be produced by McFarlane Toys, with buildable sets coming from Lego that will be from major movie moments from Avatar and Avatar 2. Some of the other licensees will be, Adidas, Disguise, Duvetica, Citizen, Trends International, Hallmark, Ferrero and Zing.

“Our focus will be centered around products that celebrate the characters and, most notably, the world of Pandora. With the amazing breadth and depth of creatures and flora, we’ve tapped into the immersive world of Avatar and its many environments. Given the story and themes, we’re excited to introduce products that capture environmental elements such as flight and water in innovative ways. To further support, we’re also planning global retail activations across multiple touchpoints so we can engage consumers where they are shopping today – both physically and digitally.”

“From a merchandise perspective, we’ve seen extensive collaboration between Lightstorm Entertainment and various licensees, with cross-category products including highly detailed figures and collectibles, apparel, accessories, footwear, home décor and more. There will also be an extensive new collection of products for parks and direct-to-consumer retail across apparel, toys and home products that will lean into the unique color palette, environmental elements and creatures from Avatar 2.”

It seems we soon will be immersed in lot’s of new Avatar products and media. It is really exciting to get the latest sneak peek into what is just on the horizon. It looks to be a very exciting end to 2022 for all of us Avatar fans. You can see the link to the entire License Global article below-

Avatar: Adapt or Die

Avatar: Adapt or Die

As we enter further into the year of Avatar 2 we get our newest bit of Avatar media announced, Avatar: Adapt or Die from Dark Horse Comics. This is a 6 part series with issue one releasing on May 4th, 2022. So even us Avatar fans can have a good Star Wars day this year.

Decades into the advent of the Avatar program on Pandora, pressure to bridge the divide between human and Na’vi has hit a peak. As an ally of the Omatikaya clan, Dr. Grace Augustine begins negotiations to open a school for Na’vi children, but her plans for peace, hope, and unity could trigger an unprecedented disaster—one afflicting the most vulnerable and protected of Na’vi.

This sounds like a story diving further into the lore of Avatar 1. I love seeing things that happened off screen expanded upon. So I am very excited to see more of this book. I’m going to assume we will get more of the Neytiri/Sylwanin backstory from this as well, which I am very happy about. It will also be interesting seeing the Na’vi learn English from Grace at her school.

As more details are announced, previews shared, and preorders open up, well be sharing that info as well.

Screen Rant broke this story today, check their article out here-

Big thanks for sharing this to the community- @stevensullyshepard

Avatar: The Next Shadow TPB

Avatar: The Next Shadow TPB

Avatar: The Next Shadow TPB (Trade Paper Back) goes on sale the 18th of August. It has been delayed one week from it’s original release date of 8/11, if you pre-order it from Amazon the release date is 8/31. It collects all four issues of The Next Shadow series and features new cover art. You can pre-order now from TFAW, Amazon, or your local comic shop.

Clan rivalries erupt amid turmoil in an untold story set immediately after the events of James Cameron’s 2009 blockbuster film Avatar! Jake Sully maintains his position as leader of the Omatikaya Na’vi clan, but with their Hometree destroyed, he begins to doubt his place among them. As the Na’vi and human feud persists, tensions between the clans begin to escalate as longstanding family animosities ignite–spawning treachery and betrayal!



Avatar: The Next Shadow Q&A with Josh Izzo, Jeremy Barlow, and Josh Hood

Avatar: The Next Shadow Q&A with Josh Izzo, Jeremy Barlow, and Josh Hood

If you are like me and you are excited about the new Avatar comic releases you wont want to miss this video from Dark Horse Comics. It was streamed live yesterday and archived for all who missed it. The video is hosted by Cara O’Neil, featuring Joshua Izzo (VP of Franchise Development at Lightstorm), Jeremy Barlow (writer), and Josh Hood (artist). Further expanding on what we currently know about the series Avatar: The Next Shadow, we get to know the creative team behind the series, and learn more about the process of bringing the comic to life. Plus we learned the series takes place in a 1-2 week window after the movie ends.

If you need a physical copy, still you can purchase a Josh Hood autographed comic from I highly recommend Neighborhood comics, they are a great small shop who ships quickly and securely. I received my copies of issue 1 from them yesterday. If you are looking for a digital copy check out Dark Horse Digital Comics where you can instantly download and read the issues on release date. You can use your home pc, laptop, tablet, or phone to read the comics you purchase. I am not able to get my comics locally so I purchase the digital copy on the day it comes out, then wait for my physical copies to arrive. It’s something I did for the Tsu’tey series and enjoy it, that way I’m up to date and don’t get the story spoiled online while waiting for my physical copies.

Click here for the Q&A


These two character sheets were shown during the Q&A, they show us two previously unseen Na’vi, Yeyatley and Pentyaru. Nick noticed the top left of the character sheets seem to say High Ground. Pentyarus page says Book 1 and she doesn’t appear in The Next Shadow, so I believe these are indeed characters from the upcoming Avatar: The High Ground series. If you want to read about the newest information on High Ground check out

Preorders open for Avatar: The Last Shadow issue 2

Preorders open for Avatar: The Last Shadow issue 2

Preorders are now up for the second issue of the new Avatar comic miniseries coming out from publisher Dark Horse, Avatar: The Next Shadow. On sale 2/3/21, 32 pages in length. The first issue in this series releases in one month from today on 1/6/20.

With grievances of the past compounding and the Omatikaya refuge in unrest, an uprising begins! A member of the tribe challenges Jake’s claim to leadership–invoking a trial by combat!

Preorder both issue 1 and 2 HERE

For more information about issue 1 click HERE