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Avatar Remastered out on 9/23/22

Avatar Remastered out on 9/23/22

This is just a reminder with the whirlwind week we’ve had as Avatar fans, a big piece of news that’s been flying under the radar lately is the remastered version of Avatar, it will be rereleasing into theaters on 9/23/22. I am so excited to see the original in theaters yet again, and I’d love to see it become the first film to reach 3 billion at the box office. It will be really exciting getting to see Avatar yet again where it’s meant to be seen.

Avatar: Reckoning

Avatar: Reckoning

The official Avatar social media channels announced earlier today that we are getting yet another Avatar based mobile game. This one is titled Avatar: Reckoning and is a multiplayer online role-playing shooter that will be coming to iOS and Android in 2022. It will include solo, co-op, and pvp. So far the details and images are fairly sparse, but we will update you as more information is available. Currently you can sign up for BETA testing if you are in Canada, and can sign up with your email to receive updates directly from the developer when available. Check both of those features out at

An interesting detail to note from the following pictures that are available from the official Avatar Reckoning site is that this appears to be an Avatar in the promo pictures vs a Na’vi. They appear to have 5 fingers and the bottle on their back says AVTR on it. Leading me to believe this is an Avatar. That would also explain the human military styled look and gear.


Empire: Meet Spider, Jake And Neytiri’s Adopted Human Son

Empire: Meet Spider, Jake And Neytiri’s Adopted Human Son

Photo Credit: Empire Online

Empire Online gave us a sneak peek into an Avatar 2 article that will be featured in their upcoming February issue. The article focuses on Jack Champion who plays “Spider” in the sequels. Not much was known about the character outside of a few previously shown photos, but the article sheds some new details on the character.

  • Jake and Neytiri have a family, featuring 3  Na’vi children*, and an adopted human, Miles “Spider” Socorro
  • It’s worth noting that Spiders first name has changed, originally it was Javier Socorro as shown in the photo from 2017 below
  • Spider was born on the military base on Pandora (Hells Gate I assume)
  • He was too small to return to Earth (possibly an issue with the cryo affecting a young child)
  • Jake took him in, Neytiri see’s him as one of the people who destroyed her home and killed Eytukan

“This time around, we’re taking Jake and Neytiri and building the most universal theme of all around them. Which is family. Jake comes from the human world, Neytiri from the Na’vi world. So, they’re like a modern mixed-race couple, raising kids who perhaps feel they don’t belong to one world or another.”

Jon Landau

From left to right: Jack Champion (Javier “Spider” Socorro), Trinity Bliss (Tuktirey of the Sully Family), Bailey Bass (Tsireya of the Metkayina Clan), Jamie Flatters (Neteyam of the Sully Family), Britain Dalton (Lo’ak of the Sully Family), Filip Geljo (Aonung of the Metkayina Clan), and Duane Evans Jr (Rotxo of the Metkayina Clan).

*The three Na’vi children the Sully family consists of-

Jamie Flatters: Neteyam (neh-tay’-ahm), Jake and Neytiri’s first born son.
Britain Dalton: Lo’ak (loh’ ahk), Jake and Neytiri’s second born son.
Trinity Bliss: Tuktirey: (took-tee’-ray), goes mostly by “Tuk” (rhymes with “nuke”). She is youngest of the Sully family.

This Facebook post from 8/27/20 makes a lot more sense now, before we had no idea why “Spider” was being included in the Sully family.

Two additional photos that have been shown of Spider-

You can read the Empire article in it’s entirety here-

Purchase the February issue of Empire here-

365 Days to go until Avatar 2

365 Days to go until Avatar 2

I first started an Avatar 2 countdown timer on an old Avatar forum I created back on November 26th, 2013. 3,307 days before Avatar 2 will release. Of course at that time we thought Avatar 2 was coming much sooner, however I am super excited to finally be down to one year remaining. A single year for an Avatar fan is nothing. I’m really excited to see what else pops up in this next year, good times lie ahead for us Avatar fans.

Don’t forget tomorrow Entertainment Weekly will release with an exclusive sneak peek of Avatar 2, it will be available on newsstands or digitally from the following link-

EW: James Cameron Teases Avatar Sequel

EW: James Cameron Teases Avatar Sequel

With the newest issue of Entertainment Weekly set to hit newsstands this Friday, 12/17/21, EW has released a teaser of their Avatar 2 article. I expect this teaser will end up being most of the article that will be released, but we will have to wait until Friday to find out. I’m going to go over some of the biggest things we learned, and link the article so you can check it out in it’s entirety. Along with some great new information we also got several new photos.

Director James Cameron and Edie Falco on set of 20th Century Studios’ AVATAR 2. Photo by Mark Fellman. © 2021 20th Century Studios. All Rights Reserved.

“It sounds kind of nuts, the process. I mean, if Avatar hadn’t made so much damn money, we’d never do this — because it’s kind of crazy.”

-James Cameron

  • JC began planning the sequel in 2012
  • In 2013 a writing team was brought in to outline 4 stories
  • Filming started in 2017
  • The story is set 14 years after the end of the original Avatar movie
  • Jake and Neytiri have a family and much of the film centers on their children
  • Avatar 2 and 3 are mostly set in and around the ocean
  • We will meet a new reef dwelling clan, the Metkayina
  • Developed an underwater mocap system, mostly captured in a 900,000 gallon tank
  • WETA is working on the films
  • Cast trained to become free divers
  • Sigourney Weaver who is playing a still secret role, can hold her breath 6 and a half minutes
  • Kate Winslet, a Metkayina name Ronal, can hold her breath 7 and a half minutes
  • Principal photography has wrapped on Avatar 3, which is still due in 2024, WETA is in post production on some scenes
  • Avatar 4 and 5 are scheduled for 2026 and 2028
On set of 20th Century Studios’ AVATAR 2. Photo by Mark Fellman. © 2021 20th Century Studios. All Rights Reserved.

“Ultimately, the sequels are a story about family, and the lengths parents will go through to keep that family together and keep them safe. I always say that Jim’s movies have universal themes — and really, there’s no more universal theme than family.”

-Jon Landau


Director James Cameron on set of 20th Century Studios’ AVATAR 2. Photo by Mark Fellman. © 2021 20th Century Studios. All Rights Reserved.

You can buy a copy or subscription of Entertainment Weekly at-



Total Film: Avatar Preview

Total Film: Avatar Preview

The newest Total Film magazine released today, and as promised included more information on Avatar 2. I will say the best details were included in yesterdays teaser, however we still learned some new information and they shared an amazing piece of art, and a photo that wasn’t discussed in the article, my best guess is that it is a Metkayina necklace.

The article starts off by covering the Jon Landau quotes and narrative we shared in yesterdays post. Then Jon goes on to say that the sequels are going to take advantage of HDR, a higher resolution, and brighter light levels. All with the objective to help the 3D picture look better. He emphasized that they want Avatar 2 to be an amazing cinematic experience. Landau went on to say that they aren’t out to beat Avatars box office record, they want to make a great movie people want to see in theaters.

If you want to read the whole article, you can purchase the issue digitally for $3.99-

(Photo Illustration by Andy Fairhurst)


(Image credit: Disney, Games Radar+/Total Film)



Total Film: Avatar 2 teaser

Total Film: Avatar 2 teaser

(Image credit: Disney, Games Radar+/Total Film)

Tomorrow, 12/8/21, the magazine Total Film is set to release their January issue that includes a preview article on Avatar 2. Today a portion of that article was released as a teaser. Here are the quotes from that article, taken directly from Avatar 2 producer Jon Landau-

“The scripts are the blueprint from which we work. So a large portion of our time was writing… with the challenge that each of those four scripts had to individually resolve itself in a story that concludes with a big emotional resolution – but when you look at them as a whole, the connected story arc of all four movies creates an even larger epic saga.”

“I think the story of Avatar 2, and the strength of the story, is what Jim always does in any of his movies: he writes in universal themes that are bigger than any one genre. And if you think about this, there’s really no more universal theme than family. At the center of each of our sequels is the Sully family. What are the dynamics that parents go through to protect their family?”

“The Sullys’ idyllic life is disrupted when the RDA mining operation returns to Pandora, forcing Jake to take the family to what is perceived as a safe harbor at the reef. And when you get to the reef, there’s a clan we call the Metkayina. The Sullys are no longer in the environment that they know, the rainforest. They become the fish out of water. They become the fish out of water both culturally and just environmentally.”

Link to the preview article in it’s entirety-

Purchase a digital copy of Total Film tomorrow to read the rest of the article. Simply download the Total Film app from the iTunes App store here-


The World of Avatar: A Visual Exploration

The World of Avatar: A Visual Exploration

*A similar article was originally posted on 8/3/21, however it has now been updated with a slightly new title, updated release date, updated Amazon description, and photos.

Back in May of 2019 a new Avatar book showed up on Amazon titled, The World of Avatar: A Visual Celebration. At that time it was slated to be released October 1st, 2019. That was later pushed back to October of 2020 due to an Avatar 2 delay. The book has now been updated on Amazon with a current release date of April 12th, 2022, with a slight title change to The World of Avatar: A Visual Exploration. We also now have some updated images, and the back cover of the book. If you’d like to see the original photos and book summary posted on Amazon, check out our previous post from 2019- The World of Avatar: A Visual Celebration and the article posted earlier this year, The World of Avatar: A Visual Celebration Part II.

The new book summary has also changed from the previous listing-

Celebrate the first decade of James Cameron’s Avatar and the beginnings of an epic cinematic journey.

Delve into the majestic world of Pandora and discover the incredible wealth of creativity that led this story to become the highest-grossing film of all time and the winner of three Academy Awards.

The World of Avatar celebrates, explores, and explains the spectacular world of Pandora—its extraordinary geology, flora and fauna, and the customs and beliefs of its people, the mysterious Na’vi. The book uniquely covers key content from all aspects of the burgeoning franchise. It combines original movie stills and artwork with stunning imagery from Cirque du Soleil’s Avatar-inspired show Toruk: The First Flight; and Disney World’s Pandora—The World of Avatar.

With a foreword by Avatar star Zoe Saldana (Neytiri), and an introduction by producer Jon Landau, The World of Avatar concludes with a “sneak peek” of a new Avatar era, fueling excitement for the long-awaited release of Avatar 2 in December 2022.
© 2022 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.


As it did back in 2019, this book looks like it will be filled with Avatar goodness, I can’t wait to learn more about all things Avatar. I highly suggest pre-ordering now, the price was originally $19.99 back in 2019 but has now gone up to $21.99. You can pre-order from Amazon here- The World of Avatar: A Visual Exploration

Brendan Cowell Avatar quotes from recent interview

Brendan Cowell Avatar quotes from recent interview

Avatar news has been a bit slow, but yesterday the Daily Mail posted a few quotes from Brendan Cowell. While it isn’t much, it is a tiny bit of Avatar goodness, so I wanted to share. If you aren’t familiar with Brendan, it was first revealed that Brendan would be joining the cast of Avatar back in 2019. He will be playing the Captain of a private sector fishing vessel, and his character is named Mick Scoresby. This is the extent of the information that has been released about Captain Scoresby so far. Here are his quotes from the interview

“I can say I play a character who is on the water. Yes, we shot in New Zealand. Yes, James Cameron is directing it. Yes, I worked with Jemaine Clement. The fact cinemas could open… it could be such a gift to the world, of this enormous visual and emotional spectacular. It’s really something special; [Cameron is] really something special. And from what I’ve seen, which is not a lot, it’s glorious.”

If you are wanting to start learning the Na’vi language, or are simply looking to connect with other Avatar fans then you need to come check out Over the past 11 years many of the fan communities have dried up. However Kelutral has a very active community, it’s a welcoming place, and you don’t have to speak any Na’vi to be a part of the chat. It’s also growing, and will continue to do so as we move closer and closer to the sequels. At the beginning of this year they hosted an online Avatar Con called Omaticon. There were games, trivia, two guest speakers, a community movie viewing, a Na’vi drawing lesson, and lots else. It was a lot of fun and a great break from all the stuff we’ve dealt with the last couple of years in the world. You won’t want to miss out on the next Omaticon.

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