Send a message to our soon to be mother Avatar stuntwoman Alicia Vela-Bailey

Send a message to our soon to be mother Avatar stuntwoman Alicia Vela-Bailey

Hey guys, in case you missed it, last month Alicia Vela-Bailey announced she is 5 months pregnant, it will be her and her husband Matts first child. As soon as I heard the news I knew I wanted to do something community related to show her support during her pregnancy. It’s a bit hard to be a working stunt woman with a baby brewing, plus with Covid-19 affecting work for so many in the movie business, I thought it would be nice to help her and her husband out. She has spent years working on Avatar and the sequels, and shes a lovely person.

If you aren’t familiar with Alicia’s role in Avatar, here is just some of what she’s known for. She was the stunt double for Zoe Saldana/Neytiri. She played the young Na’vi spotted throughout the movie who only recently was named in the comics, Saeyla. She played another formally unnamed character who is a fan favorite, the ikran leader with the red war paint, Ikeyni. In the extended version she was the woman getting slapped at the bar on earth, who Jake Sully got thrown out trying to protect.

Originally we were going to take donations for her and Matt to help with any expenses they may have. After talking to Alicia she said they had been fortunate to have work recently and would take our donations and donate it to a charity of our choosing. So in light of that I’ll make a donation to them on behalf of the fandom, if you want to suggest a charity let me know. I’m going to get a card made with any messages you’d like to share with them.

If you have any well wishes please write to the email below and I’ll pass them along, Irayo.

Alicia doing performance capture as Neytiri.

Alicia as Saeyla, getting ready to begin Iknimaya.

Alicia as Ikeyni, Olo’eykte of the Tayrangi.

Alicia in the extended version on the bar in earth, right before Jake Sully intervenes.

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