Nebgela Creations

Nebgela Creations

I wanted to share a fellow Avatar fans shop, that is on Etsy. You can find it at…

Nebgela Creations Etsy

She sells various items in her shop and I wanted to focus on one in particular. The adorable Na’vi babies she has. I recently purchased one and just received it this week. It was my first purchase on Etsy and from Nebgela Creations and I have to say the process was easy. I used Paypal to pay, and it was shipped right out. One thing I’ll say is be patient, the shipping from Spain to my house took three weeks, and they don’t give you many updates with the tracking number. However it did arrive in perfect shape and I was very excited to open it.

The package has arrived!

It was well wrapped with bubble wrap.

There was two envelopes as well. All done very professionally.

This was the box containing the Na’vi baby.

One envelope had a receipt from my purchase, and this one had a cool Nebgela Creations card with a very lovely note on the back that I’ll keep private, but it was a lovely touch.

Taking the box out of the bubble wrap to find this. It was wrapped in some lovely thick tissue type paper, with three bows securing it. I was really impressed with the care that went into the entire presentation.

Finally I have arrived at the box.

So close!

And opened! The baby was in there as well, he was wrapped up really well with bubble wrap. I love the glitter, it was an awesome touch and really looks cool. I also have had glitter on me somewhere ever since I opened the box.

He arrived safe! Nebgela sculpts these herself out of resin. The detail is amazing, the paint and small details are really superb. These are tiny, pictures don’t do it justice to how small the details are.

He has a new home on my top Avatar shelf.

Here is a shot for fun and to show the size with the 7″ Mattel Movie Masters Neytiri.

The plants really glow under a blacklight, just as if you were on Pandora.

My Na’vi baby ended up about 1 7/8″ I couldn’t be happier with the purchase. If you see anything on her site you want just let Nebgela know, she’s great to work with.

You can also find Nebgela Creations on Facebook and Instagram.

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