Support Avatar LEGO Ideas- The Illuminated World of Pandora and Toruk

Support Avatar LEGO Ideas- The Illuminated World of Pandora and Toruk

Have you ever wanted an Avatar Lego set? Well Bulldoozer’s LEGO Ideas is trying to make that a reality. He designed an Avatar LEGO set based on the world of Pandora. If the set gets 10,000 votes in the #LEGOIdeas competition, LEGO can decide if they want to produce and sell it as an actual set. You can vote for this awesome set here-

To vote you do need to create an account. Just click “SUPPORT” in the upper right hand corner of the page and you’ll be prompted for you age, then you can create a new account or login from your Facebook, Google, or Apple account. If you want to see this come to life please take the time to vote to make Bulldoozer’s set a reality. As of this posting I was number 5532 to vote for the set, so he is over half way to the needed amount.

Please also check out and support this project from Ogel_. Avatar: Toruk-The Last Shadow. Here is what Oleg has to say about his project-

The great leonopteryx, known as Toruk in Na’vi’s language. His name can be translated as Last Shadow because the last thing you see when it attacks is his shadow above you. Toruk is the apex predator of Pandora, it is feared but respected by the different Na’vi tribes.
I’m a huge fan of Avatar and it’s been a while that I wanted to build iconic creatures and vehicles from this movie. So, I started to create this project a few months ago and I have modified it a lot of times to be more realistic and more robust. I wanted to create an articulated model so it is more playable and it can take a lot of positions like a flying one, a walked one where the “feathers” fold or an intimidating one and lots more!
Now if you want your own Toruk to lead and win every battle you do against the invaders, support my project.
 I hope that you like it.

I would love to see both of these projects reach 10,000 votes. Toruk would look amazing with the Pandora set. As more updates come in about either set I will share them with you all.

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