Congratulations to on reaching 1,000 members!

Congratulations to on reaching 1,000 members! hit an impressive milestone today, reaching their 1,000th member. I think that’s great considering there hasn’t been much in the way of new content over the last couple of years. Kelutral has done a great job of filling the void in the Avatar fandom that has been caused by other fan sites shutting down or just being inactive. If you are unfamiliar with Kelutral, they are a Discord server based Avatar fan community with a focus on learning the Na’vi language. However you don’t have to learn the language to join in and hang out with other members. The past two years they’ve hosted OmatiCon, which is an online Avatar convention, filled with games, speakers, Avatar watch parties, and just an all around great time. If you want to join click the invite below!

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