Becoming Na’vi

Becoming Na’vi

If you are a huge fan of James Camerons Avatar, and you’re on Instagram, it’s impossible to have missed the work of Bailey, also known as Becoming Na’vi. After the trailer for Avatar-The Way of Water came out this past May, Bailey was inspired to put her artistic talents to work and start creating. Ever since she was 9 years old she had dreamed of becomming Na’vi and now was the time to act. With the encouragement of her friend she created an Instagram account and started offering to turn people into Na’vi themselves.

Becoming Na’vi is so talented that she has been working on inserting herself as an Avatar into various scenes in Avatar. It looks like shes actually there in the school house with Grace and Norm, truly amazing work.

She is also working on photos of cast and crew from Avatar and the Avatar Sequels, turning everyone into a beautiful example of how they could look as Na’vi. Here we see Jason Chen (Avatar 1) and his lovely wife Courtney (Avatar Sequels). I think they look so amazing!

Here is a photo she did of a fellow Avatar creator, Albert Chessa, also known as The Avatar Podcast. He looks so rad with the Metkayina skin and extra tattoos added by Bailey.

Bailey is currently working on dropping her own line of merchandise, so stay tuned for that.

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