Avatar: The Way of Water Trailer reviews

Avatar: The Way of Water Trailer reviews

I wanted to share a couple of Avatar: The Way of Water trailer reviews that I have read and really enjoyed. The first one dives a bit more into some theories of who and what we saw in the first trailer, and the second is a comprehensive break down of the trailer in its entirety. Enjoy!

Clearing Up The Confusion About The Children – Avatar 2: The Way Of Water

Written by EanaUnil this article dives mostly into the children we see in the first trailer for Avatar 2. It would appear not everything is as straight forward as it may seem at first glance. The info included in this beautiful complied post was the brain power of Eana, Mako, Neytiri, and myself. It was a real blast scouring over the trailer frame by frame and comparing thoughts with the others. There are even more blog posts about the trailer, a gallery with Eana’s Avatar inspired art, and a comic she created.


Avatar: The Way of Water Trailer + Breakdown

Written by DrowElfMorwen this is an in-depth look at the trailer. Feel free to browse around all the amazing art she has created too, she’s been doing some of the best art in the fan community for years now. She includes a link to the trailer, where you can find a high quality download, and a step by step replay of the trailer in her own words


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