Avatar: The High Ground Release Dates

Avatar: The High Ground Release Dates

Directly from Dark Horse Comics we have the release dates for all three volumes of Avatar-The High Ground. Amazon has different dates listed that don’t fully make sense, however these come directly from the publisher. This series is a prequel to Avatar-The Way of Water, so I’d expect all three volumes released before the Avatar sequel on 12/16/22, which these dates indicate.

Volume 1-It has been almost a decade since the humans were forced to leave Pandora–but now theyre returning–with an armada of heavily armed starships! After years of peace, Jake Sully has settled down with Neytiri and raised a family, so for him, the stakes are even higher than when he first went to war against the corporate might of the RDA.

Volume 2-Humans have returned to Pandora with an armada of starships but Jake Sully and the Navi are ready for them! Knowing this day would come, Jake has trained his Navi warriors with a plan that should make it too costly for the humans to try again . . . if the plan works.

But, any chain of events is only as strong as the weakest link, and in this case the weak link is human nature. As the plan unravels, Jake and Neytiri must race against time to return to Pandora and save their children before the starships land.

Volume 3-Jake Sully’s fears have come crashing to Pandora, gun’s blazing. The Sky People are planet-side, and taking Hell’s Gate by storm. Jake and Neytiri’s children are still on base, surrounded and outgunned. He will have to improvise and risk it all to protect his family, his people, and their home. The battle is underway and every Na’vi is in danger.

You can preorder all three volumes now-

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

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