Avatar Sequels is expanding, now on YouTube and Etsy

Avatar Sequels is expanding, now on YouTube and Etsy

I’ve decided to branch out a little and as of yesterday AvatarSequels.com now has it’s own YouTube channel. There is a learning curve and as I learn the process better the videos will only get better. The first one is simply and intro as I learned how to add music, images, and create a YT video. There will be another one out later today. If it’s something you think you’d enjoy give it a follow, thanks!

Avatar Sequels YouTube Channel



Also now up is an ETSY shop, I have six items, all from either AvatarSequels.com or Ikeyni.com, ranging from hats to tee’s. If you know of something else you’d like to see either image on, send me a message and I’ll see if I can make it happen for you.

Stay tuned for my first real YouTube video later this after noon, and again thanks for all the support, the website is growing in views quickly!

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