Avatar Discover Pandora

Avatar Discover Pandora

Avatar: Discover Pandora is a 12,000 square foot interactive exhibit that launched in December of 2016. It was originally released in Taiwan, and has since been in Thailand and China. Currently it is not on display since it closed in April of this year. But it was said to be traveling around the world.

While there you are able to see and interact with all sorts of fun things from the original movie. Such as a lifesize ikran (banshee), pa’li (direhorse), nantang (viperwolf), and even a family of na’vi. You can visit the tree of souls, learn some na’vi, and even step inside a theater and see Pandora during the day and in all its bioluminescent glory at night. There seems to be a ton of fun stuff to see and do, much more than I’ve covered here.

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