Avatar 2 Merchandise Updates, McFarlane Toys, Lego, and more

Avatar 2 Merchandise Updates, McFarlane Toys, Lego, and more

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In an article posted by License Global, we got a clearer picture of how the Avatar 2 merchandise landscape will look. Some of this has been known for some time, but since it’s covered in the article I’ll touch on it again. More books will be coming from DK Publishing this year, including one already released in Europe, The World of Avatar: A Visual Exploration. Plus more books from DK will be released as the sequels progress. Dark Horse will continue to make comics for the franchise, telling stories from the past to the present, the newest release is due out on May the 4th, Avatar: Adapt or Die. A new console and PC game, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is coming from Ubisoft. It is expected to release in 2022, although no finale date has been announced. You will be able to play in an open world as a Na’vi, exploring the previously unseen western frontier. A new mobile game is coming from Archosaur Games and Level Infinite, Avatar: Reckoning. The new action figure line will be produced by McFarlane Toys, with buildable sets coming from Lego that will be from major movie moments from Avatar and Avatar 2. Some of the other licensees will be, Adidas, Disguise, Duvetica, Citizen, Trends International, Hallmark, Ferrero and Zing.

“Our focus will be centered around products that celebrate the characters and, most notably, the world of Pandora. With the amazing breadth and depth of creatures and flora, we’ve tapped into the immersive world of Avatar and its many environments. Given the story and themes, we’re excited to introduce products that capture environmental elements such as flight and water in innovative ways. To further support, we’re also planning global retail activations across multiple touchpoints so we can engage consumers where they are shopping today – both physically and digitally.”

“From a merchandise perspective, we’ve seen extensive collaboration between Lightstorm Entertainment and various licensees, with cross-category products including highly detailed figures and collectibles, apparel, accessories, footwear, home décor and more. There will also be an extensive new collection of products for parks and direct-to-consumer retail across apparel, toys and home products that will lean into the unique color palette, environmental elements and creatures from Avatar 2.”

It seems we soon will be immersed in lot’s of new Avatar products and media. It is really exciting to get the latest sneak peek into what is just on the horizon. It looks to be a very exciting end to 2022 for all of us Avatar fans. You can see the link to the entire License Global article below-


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