Atlantis Rising on Disney+

Atlantis Rising on Disney+

I saw this info shared on’s Discord server about a month ago, shared by the user Marali. There is currently a show on Disney+ called Atlantis Rising. It is a documentary that came out in 2017. Why is this relevant to Avatar? James Cameron was involved in the documentary and the first few minutes of it show some behind the scenes captured at Lightstorm. We get to see motion capture in the new volume, with Kevin Dorman and Julene Renee playing Jake and Neytiri. We even get a look at a mocap performer being an Amp Suit. Here are 10 of my favorite shots, I highly recommend checking it out for yourself.

Atlantis Rising – Disney+

Zoe Saldana’s motion capture headpiece from the first Avatar.

Kevin Dorman as Jake Sully.

James Cameron in The Volume, capturing Julene and Kevin performing as Jake and Neytiri.

A look at one of the monitors, showing Jake and Neytiri on Pandora.

More performance capture happening in The Volume.

Another look at a monitor, showing 4 views at once. Jake and Neytiri appear to be checking out a mobile link chamber unit, or as it shows on the monitor, the shack.

Kevin exercising great trigger discipline.

Julene Renee as Neytiri.

This shows how a motion capture performer is represented by an Amp Suit.

JC filming Jake and Neytiri as the Amp Suit follows them. I love how something as simple as a pool noodle can represent a branch or other obstacle.

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