About Us

About Us

Kaltxì ma eylan

We started on July 12th, 2018 because many of the original Avatar forums and websites have come and gone. Fans have moved on to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It can be hard to follow Avatar news because the community is spread out and so I hope that AvatarSequels.com will be a solution to that problem, we hope to provide you with lots of Avatar news.

Site Owner/Admin-Wameyn

I have been active in the Avatar community since I saw Avatar on 1/1/10. After watching the movie I was moved and wanted to know more about all of it. So I joined an Avatar forum ran by the website CollectAvatar.com. I loved the movie and wanted to bring a piece of it home so to speak, so I started collecting the Mattel figures, which later led into collecting the prototypes of them. That grew into collecting all sorts of Avatar memorabilia which I still have and display. Soon after that I found and joined a larger forum called Avatar-Forums.com as a member while later becoming a moderator until its closing. I later opened my own forum Avatar Sea of Blue and also at different times joined, Tree of Souls, Na’vi Blue, and the Learn Na’vi forums. Currently I keep up with my long time Avatar friends on the various social media platforms. I created AvatarSequels.com in July of 2018 as a way to keep myself engaged with Avatar and to fill a void I felt was missing, which was a site to share news about all things Avatar, with an emphasis on the upcoming sequels.

Site Contributor-Alan