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Avatar: The Way of Water trailer leaks

Avatar: The Way of Water trailer leaks

Hey all, as I’m sure you’ve seen, four stills from the upcoming trailer were posted across social media today. Out of respect to everyone who’s spent years working on the sequels I don’t share anything that isn’t official. Just as I didn’t share the leaked movie titles I won’t be sharing the 4 movie stills until the time comes where I can. However that doesn’t mean they don’t exist and that fan’s aren’t excited and talking about what they’ve seen. For fan discussion on the upcoming trailer join us on‘s Discord where we are chatting about all things Avatar, and stop by and learn some Na’vi while you’re at it. If you are more of a forum user you can check out the forum, which has been around since the early days of Avatar. I am a proud member and supporter of both places.

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CinemaCon Recap-Avatar and Avatar 2 news

CinemaCon Recap-Avatar and Avatar 2 news

Here is a CinemaCon review of the Avatar 2 panel. If you’d like to read more about the details of the panel or the Avatar theater re-release I’ll link a couple more articles below. Some really exciting stuff announced today, however no trailer is available for the public just yet.

• Avatar 2 has an official title, Avatar:The Way of Water

• A trailer was shown to the audience, however it’s not available to the public yet

•The trailer had very little dialogue and showed various world elements of Pandora and a lot of underwater footage 

•The trailer will be shown before Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, premiering May 6th

•It’s expected the trailer will be shown online a week after Doctor Strange debuts

• The film is set a decade after the first film

• James Cameron prepared a prerecorded video in which he expressed excitement for the world to see the sequel film

• Jon Landau was in attendance and spoke about Jake and Neytiri’s family being the focus of the sequels

• Avatar will re-release into theaters on September 23rd with remastered audio and video

• Avatar:TWOW will release on December 16th

Avatar 2 reportedly will be Avatar: The Way of Water

Avatar 2 reportedly will be Avatar: The Way of Water

One of my Avatar friends, Olly (check him out on Instagram), shared a link to an interesting article today. A website is reporting the Polish branch of Disney just confirmed Avatar 2 will be titled Avatar: The Way of Water. This was one of the leaked titles that was confirmed by James Cameron in early 2019. However he mentioned they were subject to change and nothing at that point was set in stone. However this appears to be confirmation that the leak for Avatar 2 was indeed the title they decided to go with. Don’t forget tomorrow the Avatar 2 trailer is expected to be released tomorrow during Disney’s panel at CinemaCon.

Here is the link to the full article-

Avatar 2 trailer and footage expected at CinemaCon

Avatar 2 trailer and footage expected at CinemaCon

“Expect teasers and footage for Avatar 2 (yes, it’s really happening).”

-The Hollywood Reporter


For several years we have gotten new updates and information about Avatar and it’s upcoming sequels from CinemaCon, directly from James Cameron and Jon Landau. Well it looks like this year we are getting something even better, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter we are supposed to get a trailer and footage from Avatar 2. CinemaCon isn’t months away, or even weeks away, it starts next week! It starts this coming Monday, April 25th, and runs through Thursday the 28th. It is the official Con of The National Association of Theater Owners and is held in Las Vegas. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us. This also will help us needlessly buying a ticket to another movie just to see the new Avatar trailer. I’m excited to be able to watch it and comb through it frame by frame from the comfort of my home.


Pandora Explored: March 2022 Monthly Roundup plus the Avatar DK book pushed back again

Pandora Explored: March 2022 Monthly Roundup plus the Avatar DK book pushed back again

A couple of weeks ago Pandora Explored shared a recap of what is going on in the world of Avatar with another great YouTube video. He touches on the rumor of the Avatar teaser that may happen before Dr. Strange when it debuts on May 6th. He also mentions the article from License Global which covered a wide variety of merchandise and collaborations the Avatar brand has in store for us in the future. He also brings up Zoe Saldanas feelings when she saw some footage of Avatar 2. Pandora Explored then covers a few other things he had missed that was announced before March. Give him a watch, you won’t regret it.

In other news, the DK publishing book, The World of Avatar: A Visual Exploration, is showing yet another push back in it’s release date in the US. It’s now scheduled for May 31st. I’m not sure why it keeps getting pushed back, the book has been released in Europe, so if you’d like to get a copy sooner rather than later I suggest purchasing a copy on Amazon UK and having it shipped. Amazon UK is also offering it digitally through Kindle as well. I ordered a copy in March and it took 2 weeks to receive, it’s a truly beautiful book and worth every penny.

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