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Month: February 2022

Avatar: Adapt or Die

Avatar: Adapt or Die

As we enter further into the year of Avatar 2 we get our newest bit of Avatar media announced, Avatar: Adapt or Die from Dark Horse Comics. This is a 6 part series with issue one releasing on May 4th, 2022. So even us Avatar fans can have a good Star Wars day this year.

Decades into the advent of the Avatar program on Pandora, pressure to bridge the divide between human and Na’vi has hit a peak. As an ally of the Omatikaya clan, Dr. Grace Augustine begins negotiations to open a school for Na’vi children, but her plans for peace, hope, and unity could trigger an unprecedented disaster—one afflicting the most vulnerable and protected of Na’vi.

This sounds like a story diving further into the lore of Avatar 1. I love seeing things that happened off screen expanded upon. So I am very excited to see more of this book. I’m going to assume we will get more of the Neytiri/Sylwanin backstory from this as well, which I am very happy about. It will also be interesting seeing the Na’vi learn English from Grace at her school.

As more details are announced, previews shared, and preorders open up, well be sharing that info as well.

Screen Rant broke this story today, check their article out here-

Big thanks for sharing this to the community- @stevensullyshepard

Congratulations to on reaching 1,000 members!

Congratulations to on reaching 1,000 members! hit an impressive milestone today, reaching their 1,000th member. I think that’s great considering there hasn’t been much in the way of new content over the last couple of years. Kelutral has done a great job of filling the void in the Avatar fandom that has been caused by other fan sites shutting down or just being inactive. If you are unfamiliar with Kelutral, they are a Discord server based Avatar fan community with a focus on learning the Na’vi language. However you don’t have to learn the language to join in and hang out with other members. The past two years they’ve hosted OmatiCon, which is an online Avatar convention, filled with games, speakers, Avatar watch parties, and just an all around great time. If you want to join click the invite below!

Join Kelutral on Discord

or for their website,

Avatar: Pandora Rising ending development

Avatar: Pandora Rising ending development

I just came across this on a Pandora Rising Facebook Group I am in. It was shared by a member named Nicolas, shout out to him for that, it would appear Pandora Rising is not going to end up launching worldwide, and will soon be closed to those who can currently play it. I really hate to hear that, I’ve been waiting years to play it, I love the art for the game, but I’m sure there are reasons beyond the developers control. When I learn more I’ll update accordingly.