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Month: October 2021

Happy Halloween 2021

Happy Halloween 2021

It’s that time of the year again, filled with goblins, pumpkins, ghouls, candy, and our annual Avatar cosplay/makeup post. If you have missed the previous two I will link them below. It’s fun to show off the many talented artists from Instagram, who through makeup and their own body create an amazing likeness to the Na’vi. Here are some of the best found from this past year. Each artists name is linked below their picture, if you appreciate their work, find them and give them some likes.

The pictures are in no particular order.

Happy Halloween!

Halloween 2019-

Halloween 2020-

Halloween 2021-























AJ & makeupmadhouse






















kianncosplays with photo edit by alelanz















The story of the Storyteller from Toruk the First Flight

The story of the Storyteller from Toruk the First Flight

Oe lu Anuraiyä syena hapxì a rey. Tsaheyl si hu Eywa a krr, stawm oel aymokrit fizayuä a lìm, krra kxap larmu sìreywä feyä nìwotx. Ayngaru tsavurit. I am the last living part of the Anurai. When I make tsaheylu with Eywa, I hear the voices of the far ancestors, when there was a threat to all their lives. Here is that story.

*Translation courtesy of Karyu Neytiri

Due to some confusion in the community, and rightfully so, I wanted to touch on the topic of the Storyteller from Toruk. As you can see from the Toruk-The First Flight teaser above, and the Storyteller material below, Storyteller was originally meant to be from the Na’vi clan, Anurai. It is how the show was originally written. The character was simply going to be a narrator for the story (which takes place thousands of years in the past.)

After a viewing of the show live, I was confused about the Storyteller and I asked Jeremiah Hughes about this very subject. Jeremiah was one of the key performers, he played Ralu, he was with Toruk from the shows opening until it’s last show, so you could say he’s an expert on Toruk-The First Flight. So after I watched the show, I was confused, I knew the promotional materials, and I had just purchased the first Toruk Media Guide/Book. So in my mind I knew the Storyteller was Anurai, Entu was Omatikaya, there was no way they could be the same character, right? Jeremiah explained it like this, originally the Storyteller was going to be Anurai, however Raymond O’Neill (the Storyteller) wasn’t feeling a connection to the character he was playing. The story was then changed and he became Entu/Omatikaya. Fairly simple and straighforward. Eventually a new Media Guide/Book was created and sold at the shows and it corrected the Anurai/Omatikaya clan confusion. Looking at the actual script from the show you can see there is no question, the Storyteller is Entu/Omatikaya. Some sites online have tried to meld the confusion of the Anurai/Omatikaya issue as the Storyteller being Entu/Omatikaya, and later joining the Anurai, but that isn’t factual.

Promotional photo showing the Storyteller as Anurai.

From the first Toruk- The First Flight media guide, showing Storyteller as Anurai.

From the updated Toruk- The First Flight media guide, showing Storyteller as Omatikaya.

Toruk- The First Flight script, page 1.

Script courtesy of hufwe12

Toruk- The First Flight script, page 13.

Script courtesy of hufwe12

Atlantis Rising on Disney+

Atlantis Rising on Disney+

I saw this info shared on’s Discord server about a month ago, shared by the user Marali. There is currently a show on Disney+ called Atlantis Rising. It is a documentary that came out in 2017. Why is this relevant to Avatar? James Cameron was involved in the documentary and the first few minutes of it show some behind the scenes captured at Lightstorm. We get to see motion capture in the new volume, with Kevin Dorman and Julene Renee playing Jake and Neytiri. We even get a look at a mocap performer being an Amp Suit. Here are 10 of my favorite shots, I highly recommend checking it out for yourself.

Atlantis Rising – Disney+

Zoe Saldana’s motion capture headpiece from the first Avatar.

Kevin Dorman as Jake Sully.

James Cameron in The Volume, capturing Julene and Kevin performing as Jake and Neytiri.

A look at one of the monitors, showing Jake and Neytiri on Pandora.

More performance capture happening in The Volume.

Another look at a monitor, showing 4 views at once. Jake and Neytiri appear to be checking out a mobile link chamber unit, or as it shows on the monitor, the shack.

Kevin exercising great trigger discipline.

Julene Renee as Neytiri.

This shows how a motion capture performer is represented by an Amp Suit.

JC filming Jake and Neytiri as the Amp Suit follows them. I love how something as simple as a pool noodle can represent a branch or other obstacle.