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The Avatar Re-release Numbers from China

The Avatar Re-release Numbers from China

As we all know Avatar reclaimed it’s thrown from Avengers Endgame in the first weekend back in theaters in China. However how has the movie been doing since then?

Mar 12-14 Rank 1 $21,221,037 Thtrs 89,569 $21,100,000 Week 1
Mar 19-21 Rank 1 $14,146,720 -33.3% Thtrs 72,493 -19.0% $44,056,269 Week 2
Mar 26-28 Rank 3 $3,461,497 -75.5% Thtrs 31,177 -56.9% $51,709,309 Week 3
Apr 2-4 Rank 6 $1,519,415 -56.1% Thtrs 13,194 -58.4% $54,634,048 Week 4
Apr 9-11 Rank 5 $900,000 -40.7% Thtrs 7,159 -45.7% $21,100,000 Week 5


As you can see it opened in a massive amount of theaters 4 weeks ago, 89,569 to be exact, and as of this last weekend was only being shown in 7,159. So a part of the quick cool off can be attributed to the number of theaters being very limited after 2 weekends. However it still managed to pull in another estimated $900,000 this past weekend and now sits at roughly 2.845 billion dollars, ahead of Endgames 2.797 billion. If it does get another world wide re-release before the sequels I think we could see Avatar be the first movie to reach 3 billion dollars, while that would be cool we will just have to wait and see, Covid has affected movie going tremendously and there is a lot that would have to go right to hit that number.


Avatar: The Next Shadow TPB Pre-Order

Avatar: The Next Shadow TPB Pre-Order

Clan rivalries erupt amid turmoil in an untold story set immediately after the events of James Cameron’s 2009 blockbuster film Avatar! Jake Sully maintains his position as leader of the Omatikaya Na’vi clan, but with their Hometree destroyed, he begins to doubt his place among them. As the Na’vi and human feud persists, tensions between the clans begin to escalate as longstanding family animosities ignite–spawning treachery and betrayal!

Pre-order the upcoming Avatar: The Next Shadow trade paperback (TPB), at now. It collects all four issues of the mini series and is currently only $13.99, with a $19.99 suggested retail price, releasing on 8/11/21. I have the TPB for Tsu’tey’s Path and it is worth having even if you already own each individual comic already. This looks to have a cover we didn’t get in the main run showing Arvok and Jake Sully facing off in the First Blood ritual. I am very excited to see how this series finishes up with issue 4 coming out this coming Wednesday 4/14. If you still need a copy of issue 4 you can still pre-order on TFAW as well. Or you can buy it directly from Dark Horse digitally. You can save a few dollars going to digital route, as issues 1-3 are only $1.99 currently, with issue 4 at the cover price of $3.99 to pre-order.

Avatar: The Next Shadow Series Review Issue 3

Avatar: The Next Shadow Series Review Issue 3

This is a continuation of the last two posts, as I continue to cover the ongoing comic series, Avatar: The Next Shadow. As we dive in to issue 3 you can still pre-order the final issue of the series at TFAW. The 4th issue releases on 4/14/21. This post will include spoilers, so if you haven’t read the comics yet please help support Avatar and Dark Horse and pick them up digitally, order them online, or pick them up from your local comic shop.

Issue 3 Ultimate Betrayal-

“Arvok invoked the sacred ritual of First Blood to claim the position of olo’eyktan. Jake accepted with little trepidation and quickly defeated him, upholding his place as leader. Furious at the outcome, Arvok retaliated and hurled a dagger at Jake-unknowlingly piercing him with the deadly poison with which Arvok’s parents had coated the blade.”

Issue 3 Ultimate Betrayal picks up with us seeing Jake in Mo’at’s arms, appearing to be dead. Ateyo and Artsut are celebrating their apparent victory, claiming Ateyo is now the leader of the Omatikaya. However Ka’ani steps up and defends the way in which Jake was defeated. Arvoks parents don’t defend him, even though he is innocent of knowledge of the poison, instead they place the blame on him. As Arvok realizes his parents have betrayed him and he thinks he has killed Jake he flees. Artsut then turns her anger towards Mo’at. Mo’at in her wisdom knows what is going on and lashes back at Artsut. Ka’ani again showing true leadership qualities comes and separates the two. The Na’vi crowd seems to be siding with Artsut and wants to hear what she has to say but Ka’ani takes charge and tells the crowd they must respect tradition regardless of their feelings. Artsut tells Ka’ani to stand aside and he responds by pulling out his knife and saying he will not.

Meanwhile Norm and Mo’at are with Jake who is now gasping for air. They take Jake to Ka’ani showing him Jake lives. Ka’ani responds by saying Vitraya Ramunong (The Tree of Souls) can save Jake. Artsut and Ateyo object saying the poison in him will infect the tree.

Elsewhere Katherine Hale and her leftover RDA crew are tempting to start mining. They know the Na’vi are currently preoccupied. However as they debate what to do Norm comes over the radio and demands they grab Max Patel and meet him at the Tree of Souls as fast as possible. Confused they obey Norm.

The Na’vi have made their way to the Tree of Souls themselves. Ateyo and Artsut are trying to persuade Ka’ani to join them. However he holds strong to his principles and is defiant. Mo’at reminds everyone as long as Jake lives he is the rightful leader and anyone who doesn’t honor that is a traitor. As the human arrive Norm rushes to meet Katherine. Mo’at begins to explain what is going on, Jake is poisoned and needs an antidote, only the humans can save him now. The antidote can only be reached in a cave than only the smallest Na’vi children can fit inside, however humans can access the cave. However it isn’t without risk, and the cave is sacred. Ka’ani tells the humans if they do this they destroy all goodwill between the Na’vi and humans. Norm reminds Ka’ani if Jake dies all peace dies with him. Ka’ani orders everyone to go home while the next step is decided.

Later…Artsut goes to find Arvok. He has hidden himself in a cave behind a waterfall. Artsut tries to convince him to come back with her, he however feels betrayed and refuses. Meanwhile the poison is affected Jake, he starts to have nightmares. He is back in his human body and everything is on fire. He see’s Na’vi dying, hometree burning, Neytiri is on fire and rebukes him, then out of the fire Tsu’tey shows up to kill him, and just like that the issue ends.