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Month: July 2020 turned 2 this week turned 2 this week

I just wanted to say thank you for everyone who visits the site, who sends me messages, who gives me feedback. The site celebrated it’s 2nd birthday this week and I wanted to share some statistics with everyone. Trust me this isn’t to brag as this is a very small site, but I wanted to show everyone who visits that Avatar still has a following globally. The site has no advertising, you can find it through search engines, word online/of mouth, and on Instagram and Facebook. With that limited exposure we’ve still reached a lot of Avatar fans these last couple of years.

There have been 7,403 unique visitors from 125 countries, here are the 10 countries where the most visitors come from-

  1. US (from all 50 states and Washington DC)
  2. UK
  3. Netherlands
  4. Canada
  5. Germany
  6. Russia
  7. India
  8. Australia
  9. France
  10. Spain

So thank you to everyone who has and will visit, I keep this site going as a labor of love for the world that James Cameron created. It’s something I enjoy working on in my free time and hopefully share some things that people enjoy.

Another Avatar Touring exhibition in the works

Another Avatar Touring exhibition in the works

According to Joe Kleiman at IPM, Cityneon has acquired the multi-year global rights for an Avatar exhibition based on Avatar. They will be working along side Disney and Lightstorm entertainment.

We are honored to work with Disney and Lightstorm Entertainment. All of us share the same vision of bringing these experiences alive with artistry and inventiveness. We are thrilled to be part of this collaboration. There’s a lot of anticipation for the film’s first sequel, and we’re excited to be part of the global effort to complement the film’s release with a truly immersive experience for fans in various markets.

-Ron Tan, Cityneon

Our powerful new relationship with Cityneon for this global touring exhibition will play a key role in our continuing expansion of the reach and impact of the AVATAR franchise around the world.

-Kathy Franklin, Lightstorm Entertainment

I have to say even with limited details this sounds quite exciting. A couple of similar endeavors have proceeded Cityneon in creating an Avatar touring exhibition. Originally there was Avatar- The Exhibition, an interactive collaboration between Belle and Wissell Co, the EMP Musuem, and 20th Century Fox. That exhibit started in 2011 and ran through 2014. It spent over a year at it’s initial location, the EMP Musuem in Seattle, then toured only 5 cities between the USA and Canada. After it ended an international exhibit called Avatar- Discover Pandora opened in 2016 and ran until 2019.  Again with limited cities. So I hope this new exhibit will be able to be more mobile and hopefully reach a lot of cities across the world. It is excited thinking of what all they will come up with for the next exhibit.

Ubisoft Forward Update

Ubisoft Forward Update

Hey everyone, just on update on Ubisoft Forward. Sadly we did not get an update on the new Avatar game, while disappointing Ubisoft did say that they would be having another event to showcase more games later this summer. This event seemed to focus more on games that would be coming out on the current generation of consoles first, so I am going to assume the next even will focus more on the games coming to the next generation of console. Let’s keep our fingers crossed we finally get some more game details later this summer.

This article gives a nice recap of everything covered-

Ubisoft Forward Streaming July 12th

Ubisoft Forward Streaming July 12th

Since the Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3, was cancelled this year, some companies are looking for ways to still show off their products. Tomorrow Ubisoft is Doing just that by live streaming an event called Ubisoft Forward. Starting with a preshow at 2pm EST, and launching officially at 3pm EST. They will be sharing gameplay of several new games and updates on others. Why does this matter to us as Avatar fans, well we might finally get to see some gameplay from Massive, an Ubisoft studio, who is working on the upcoming Avatar game. While not confirmed there are lots of rumors swirling that a tease of the upcoming game will happen tomorrow.

You can stream the even at the following links-




To revisit what we already know about the upcoming Avatar game check out our earlier post-The Avatar-Project