Want to learn Na’vi, Check out Kelutral.org

Want to learn Na’vi, Check out Kelutral.org

Have you ever wanted to learn Na’vi but weren’t sure where to begin? Well launching today there is a new community to check out. Head on over and visit kelutral.org where a group of Na’vi language fans are launching a website aimed at connecting fans of Avatar and helping others learn the language. Visiting their website will show you how to link up with their community on social media and discord, they discuss new words and phrases from Paul Frommer (creator of the Na’vi language), and share several resources to help you achieve the goal of learning Na’vi. Come join myself and others and start learning!

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  1. Irayo nìtxan!/Thank you very much!

    If you’re reading this, come join! If there’s one thing we love more than Avatar, it’s talking about it and teaching the language!

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