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Pandora: The World of Avatar Soundtrack Released Today

Pandora: The World of Avatar Soundtrack Released Today

Disney has finally released the official soundtrack from Pandora. You can now listen to some of the beautiful music featured at the park. It includes songs heard on the two main rides, Flight of Passage and Na’vi River Journey, plus additional tracks featured at Pongu Pongu and Satu’li Canteen. For only $9.99 you can own the album yourself by going to iTunes. The music was composed by the late James Horner and Simon Franglen who both worked on the Avatar soundtrack released in 2009.

The track list-

  1. Flight of Passage Ride Through – James Horner & Simon Franglen
  2. Na’vi River Journey Ride Through – Sandra Benton
  3. Pandora Walk Through – James Horner & Simon Franglen
  4. The Shaman Call (from Windtraders) – Simon Franglen
  5. Magic of the Land (from Windtraders) – James Horner
  6. Spirits of Mo’ara (from Windtraders) – James Horner
  7. Raggatar (from Satu’li Canteen) – James Horner & Simon Franglen
  8. Shaman of the Souls (from Satu’li Canteen) – James Horner & Simon Franglen
  9. Surf’s Up (from Satu’li Canteen) – James Horner & Simon Franglen
  10. Bossa (from Pongu Pongu) – James Horner & Simon Franglen
  11. Surf’s Up (from Pongu Pongu) – James Horner & Simon Franglen
  12. Wave (from Pongu Pongu) – Simon Franglen


Na’vi River Journey Concept Art

Na’vi River Journey Concept Art

Here is some really beautiful concept art for the Na’vi River Journey ride found in Pandora: The World of Avatar. This is the first time I’ve seen any of these and wanted to share it with everyone. These are all from Stephan Martiniere who you can follow on Instagram. It’s very interesting to see what they used from these and also what they chose not to. Check out the link below to read the thoughts and ideas behind Stephan’s work in his own words.

The World Of Avatar: Designing the Na-Vi River Journey Boat Ride

As with all of our articles, click the pictures to see the full sized versions.

Disney’s Pandora The World of Avatar is on the Time Magazine list of world’s greatest places in 2018

Disney’s Pandora The World of Avatar is on the Time Magazine list of world’s greatest places in 2018

Here’s what Time Magazine had to say about Pandora:

Just as James Cameron’s sci-fi epic Avatar marked a new level of technological innovation for movies, so too is Pandora: The World of Avatar reinventing the modern theme park. Among its other­worldly attractions: an animatronic character that’s “as lifelike as possible” and a botanical garden that glows with neon after sunset. The park’s flagship is Flight of Passage, a ride that combines 3-D projections and virtual reality to create the illusion that guests are flying atop a living, breathing mountain banshee (a creature that figures prominently in Cameron’s mythical universe). The park says it’s the highest-rated attraction at Walt Disney World, per guest surveys.

That is really a lofty achievement. Especially considering it started off as a land that many Disney fans predicted would fail, to the huge crowds and high praise the land has received since opening in May of 2017. It seems the Avatar brand takes many bumps and bruises on the internet, but when it comes to performance it tends to click with people and shine. If you are a fan of Avatar and have yet to visit this amazing place, it needs to be #1 on your bucket list. It’s a sight to behold that immerses you so much you start the feel as if you are on the moon Pandora.


Watching Avatar-Post Avatar Depression or Pure Bliss?

Watching Avatar-Post Avatar Depression or Pure Bliss?

After the first few weeks of Avatar being out in theaters a phenomenon that became known as PAD or Post Avatar Depression started happening. Specifically it was being discussed in length on the newly created Avatar Forums. Everything Avatar was huge in those days and soon major websites were even picking up on the story. It seemed most people that loved the movie fell into two main categories. It either made you extremely happy or in some cases it depressed you. The depression came from things like the realization of how imperfect out own world is, wanting to visit Pandora but not being able to, and even wanting to become one of the Na’vi. The feelings of happiness also come from similar things. People fell in love with the Na’vi way of life, they wanted to visit Pandora and could by going to see the film again and again, and it even inspired people to take better care of their bodies and live more naturally.

On the fan forum site “Avatar Forums,” a topic thread entitled “Ways to cope with the depression of the dream of Pandora being intangible,” has received more than 1,000 posts from people experiencing depression and fans trying to help them cope. The topic became so popular last month that forum administrator Philippe Baghdassarian had to create a second thread so people could continue to post their confused feelings about the movie.

“I wasn’t depressed myself. In fact the movie made me happy ,” Baghdassarian said. “But I can understand why it made people depressed. The movie was so beautiful and it showed something we don’t have here on Earth. I think people saw we could be living in a completely different world and that caused them to be depressed.” Audiences experience ‘Avatar’ blues 1/11/10

It became such a big deal even CNN was reporting on it. I want to know how you felt when you first watched Avatar, from the good to the bad, and I’d like to know how you think seeing Avatar 2 may make you feel. Do you think it will help having an actual Pandora at Disney’s Animal Kingdom to go visit? Send us an email or leave a comment and we will follow up on every ones feelings in a future article.

Fan Spotlight: Victoria

Fan Spotlight: Victoria

When this website was created I had a couple goals in mind, to give back to the Avatar community by sharing news and a positive message. Also by giving back to the community specifically via fan interaction, there are some really great fans out there. So this is the first of hopefully many interviews spotlighting an Avatar fan. You don’t have to own merchandise, you don’t have to speak fluent na’vi, you just have a positive attitude and a passion for Avatar. If you’d like to nominate anyone for Fan Spotlight please press the contact tab and send us an email. Irayo!

Hello Victoria! First I’d like to say thank you for being the first interview.

No problem!! I love the site so much and I’ve learned so much about the franchise by the site itself!

So starting from the beginning, how did you discover Avatar, and what sucked you in?

Well, when Avatar first came out in ‘09, I was fairly young at the time; 3rd grade to be exact. I remember everyone in my class talking about this AMAZING film that just came out called Avatar, and all the cool kids in the class got see the film. Me being in 3rd grade at the time, my family didn’t let me see it in theaters so I sadly had to wait until it was released on DVD. When I finally saw the film, my mind was BLOWN!! I was mesmerized by all the colors, the creatures, the beautiful effects, etc. I had never seen such an amazingly beautiful film in my entire life- Even years later, I still obsess over the film and am equally mesmerized by its beauty!

So I take it you haven’t had the chance to see Avatar in theaters yet, what about in 3D?

I luckily, finally saw Avatar in 3D just last year!! My mother got a hold of a 3D television and I saved up my money to buy Avatar in 3D Blu-ray. I was mesmerized! Again!! It felt like I was watching the film for the first time! I picked up so many different details that I hadn’t noticed the other times I watched the film; Even my family was astonished by its 3D effects!

What is some of your favorite characters, animals, and scenes that stuck with you from the film?

As a young child, I was mesmerized by the Na’vi designs. I loved how they looked human, but also alien, yet somehow had a beauty to them which we don’t normally see in films that deal with aliens/Extra Terrestrial beings. I was also mesmerized by the thanator and banshees; I just loved the idea of being able to ride one of those!

Speaking of riding a banshee, have you had the chance to visit Pandora The World of Avatar?

Yes!! I was very lucky to go with my family last year! I’m very lucky to have a family that loves Avatar as well, so they were excited to go too! When we got there, we immediately got in line for Flight of Passage and waited 2.5 hours! My family and I both agreed that it was very worth the wait! I loved Pandora so much! I also catch myself wanting to go back from time to time, wishing I lived closer to Disney. I plan to go back soon, maybe next summer. I just need to experience Pandora again!

What were some of your favorite parts of the park?

I loved the rides (Of course!), especially Flight of Passage. After watching Avatar when I was younger, I always wanted to experience flying on the back of a banshee, and Pandora finally gave me that opportunity!! I was brought to happy tears after the ride; it’s just so beautiful and realistic; it truly made me think I was in Pandora for those 4 minutes. I also really enjoyed how amazing the wildlife looked!! Pandora looked so real with it’s floating mountains, vibrant plants, and the canyon where Flight of Passage resides; the canyon just blew me away!! I still am in awe about how the imagineers made Pandora look so real and vibrant.

Did you get a chance to see the Cirque du Soleil show Toruk – The First Flight?

Yes!! I was lucky to see that show as well! My dad and I traveled 2.5 hours to see the show and it was very well worth it! It’s amazing how the actors and actresses can contort and twist their bodies in such odd ways. I also loved how the entire show was spoken in Na’vi and then translated into English by an Elder Na’vi; that was a great touch to make it all seem 100% more authentic.

Did you get a chance to pick up the Dark Horse Avatar comic last year?

I did!! I waited in line on Free Comic Book Day and got myself a copy!! I loved the art style and how it dives more into detail about Jake’s story. I just wish the comic was longer! I’m itching for more!

Even though we are still 2 years away from Avatar 2, is there anything you want to see in the first sequel?

I’ve always wanted to see more creatures and animals of Pandora. I also really wanna see more Na’vi tribes and female Na’vi warriors; Neytiri was the highlight of the first film for me, so I also hope to see more of her! She’s an amazing character!

We are over 8 years removed from the release of Avatar and you have essentially grown up with Avatar. So how do you celebrate your Avatar fandom and keep that fire burning still today?

I keep in touch with many other Avatar fans through forums, especially the Learn Na’vi forum. I also have given myself a goal to try and learn some Na’vi before the sequels, so maybe I won’t have to use subtitles when Na’vi is spoken! I also have tried to keep up with the news about the sequels to get me excited and stay up to date- Avatar has a very special place in my heart, so it’s hard to fathom me ever out-growing and getting bored of it.

Thank you so much for your support for the site and again, a huge irayo for being our first interview.

Irayo níxtan for interviewing me!! It’s an honor that you think of me first for the interview on the site!

You can connect with Victoria on her Instagram


Flight of Passage fun facts

Flight of Passage fun facts

These are some fun facts from the ride Flight of Passage that is in Pandora at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Check out the link to the article these were taken from below. It’s worth the read if you like geeky statistics or have been on the ride.

You see over 1,400 creatures during your flight.

It is in 10k resolution at 60fps.

The ride lasts 4.5 minutes and you travel 7 miles through the Valley of Mo’ara.

The person who portrays the female na’vi, who is your ikran guide, is Alicia Vela-Bailey of Avatar fame.

AVATAR: FLIGHT OF PASSAGE: A Cinematic, Multi-Sensory 3D Experience that Soars

The Avatar sequels will succeed, and here is why

The Avatar sequels will succeed, and here is why

Avatar takes a lot of flak online. For each person that loved the movie it feels like there are 20 who are online bashing it. But don’t fret, I’ll show you how Avatar just keeps winning.

  • First and foremost it is the #1 one grossing movie all time and it’s not even close. Titanic which is number two is right at 601 million behind. How big is that gap between #1 and #2 in the movie world, it’s the entire gross of Iron Man, plus 16 more million dollars.


  • It is the #2 grossing domestic (U.S.) movie of all time. It had a nice 6 year run at number one but ultimately The Force Awakens took that spot. Even though Avatar is behind The Force Awakens by 176 million domestically, it still finished a whopping 720 million ahead when worldwide totals are included.


  • It is #2 all time in Blu Ray sales. For all the internet chatter that says people only enjoyed Avatar in 3D at the theater, that simply isn’t true. Frozen is the only movie to have sold more Blu Ray copies.


  • The Cirque du Soleil show Toruk-The First Flight based on Avatar, and a fantastic addition to the franchise made it to the Guinness Book of World records for being the #1 grossing circus touring performance show of 2017. This showed Avatar can expand to other quality entertainment avenues and still connect with people just as the movie did.


  • Disney spent an estimated $500,000,000 dollars on an Avatar land expansion in Animal Kingdom called Pandora-The World of Avatar. The Avatar haters were in full force when this project was revealed, and it continued all they way up to the point that this land opened and was a stunningly huge success. The land includes Flight of Passage which has been called the best ride in all of Disney.


Avatar doesn’t just do well, Avatar comes in #1 or #2 in almost every measurable category. While it is a popular franchise to attack online I believe this is only because of the unprecedented success of the film. We are still 2 years away from the first sequel and I don’t have a solid prediction yet for if Avatar 2 can dethrone Avatar from that #1 worldwide spot, but the fact that I even think it stands a chance at this stage just shows the power and connection of the franchise to people.