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Ubisoft Forward Update

Ubisoft Forward Update

Hey everyone, just on update on Ubisoft Forward. Sadly we did not get an update on the new Avatar game, while disappointing Ubisoft did say that they would be having another event to showcase more games later this summer. This event seemed to focus more on games that would be coming out on the current generation of consoles first, so I am going to assume the next even will focus more on the games coming to the next generation of console. Let’s keep our fingers crossed we finally get some more game details later this summer.

This article gives a nice recap of everything covered-

Ubisoft Forward Streaming July 12th

Ubisoft Forward Streaming July 12th

Since the Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3, was cancelled this year, some companies are looking for ways to still show off their products. Tomorrow Ubisoft is Doing just that by live streaming an event called Ubisoft Forward. Starting with a preshow at 2pm EST, and launching officially at 3pm EST. They will be sharing gameplay of several new games and updates on others. Why does this matter to us as Avatar fans, well we might finally get to see some gameplay from Massive, an Ubisoft studio, who is working on the upcoming Avatar game. While not confirmed there are lots of rumors swirling that a tease of the upcoming game will happen tomorrow.

You can stream the even at the following links-




To revisit what we already know about the upcoming Avatar game check out our earlier post-The Avatar-Project


The Avatar Project from Massive Entertainment

The Avatar Project from Massive Entertainment

Official Avatar Game Announcement Trailer from March 1, 2017.

As most of you know, Ubisoft is making a new Avatar game. A lot is still unknown at this time and I’ve been seeing lots of rumors that are being spoken as if they have become fact. Ubisoft also created the first Avatar game that was released in 2009, and many people believe the same group of people are making the new game. That is false, the new game is being developed by Massive Entertainment which is a subsidiary of Ubisoft, but is not the same group who made the first game. This will be Massive Entertainments twelveth game since the studio inception in 1997. Massive is based out of Sweden. The original Avatar: The Game was developed by Ubisoft Montreal out of Canada. With that said I thought I’d make an article on what we know so far. As of now the game doesn’t have a title, they are calling it “The Avatar Project” and have a website up for the game. The website has limited information but I will link to it below. The game will be produced by Massive using the Snowdrop engine, which has been used with Ubisoft’s game The Division and The Divison II which releases next year. I purchased the Division just to see how the game was. It is a 3rd person shooter and I don’t expect much if anything will be carried over from it to Avatar, but the game was smooth and played well, and has very nice current generation graphics.

It has been announced the game will not release significantly before Avatar is released in December of 2020 and as of now, no official release date has been stated for the release. They released the first Avatar game on December 1 2009, which could give us an idea of the time frame the sequel will be released in regards to Avatar 2 coming out, however that is pure speculation. That is all we know officially so far, hopefully we will be learning more and more about the game very soon. We don’t yet know what we will even be doing in the game, but watching the trailer above would seem to imply we will get to go to Pandora and live an alternative life, and everyone gets to chose how they want to experience Pandora. Sounds very exciting to me!

Avatar Project Website

Ubisoft won’t release Avatar game before 2020

Official Press Release from Ubisoft