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Disney’s Pandora The World of Avatar is on the Time Magazine list of world’s greatest places in 2018

Disney’s Pandora The World of Avatar is on the Time Magazine list of world’s greatest places in 2018

Here’s what Time Magazine had to say about Pandora:

Just as James Cameron’s sci-fi epic Avatar marked a new level of technological innovation for movies, so too is Pandora: The World of Avatar reinventing the modern theme park. Among its other­worldly attractions: an animatronic character that’s “as lifelike as possible” and a botanical garden that glows with neon after sunset. The park’s flagship is Flight of Passage, a ride that combines 3-D projections and virtual reality to create the illusion that guests are flying atop a living, breathing mountain banshee (a creature that figures prominently in Cameron’s mythical universe). The park says it’s the highest-rated attraction at Walt Disney World, per guest surveys.

That is really a lofty achievement. Especially considering it started off as a land that many Disney fans predicted would fail, to the huge crowds and high praise the land has received since opening in May of 2017. It seems the Avatar brand takes many bumps and bruises on the internet, but when it comes to performance it tends to click with people and shine. If you are a fan of Avatar and have yet to visit this amazing place, it needs to be #1 on your bucket list. It’s a sight to behold that immerses you so much you start the feel as if you are on the moon Pandora.


Flight of Passage fun facts

Flight of Passage fun facts

These are some fun facts from the ride Flight of Passage that is in Pandora at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Check out the link to the article these were taken from below. It’s worth the read if you like geeky statistics or have been on the ride.

You see over 1,400 creatures during your flight.

It is in 10k resolution at 60fps.

The ride lasts 4.5 minutes and you travel 7 miles through the Valley of Mo’ara.

The person who portrays the female na’vi, who is your ikran guide, is Alicia Vela-Bailey of Avatar fame.

AVATAR: FLIGHT OF PASSAGE: A Cinematic, Multi-Sensory 3D Experience that Soars