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Avatar Inspired Makeup on Instagram

Avatar Inspired Makeup on Instagram

Over time I’ve noticed lots of awesome pictures on Instagram of Avatar inspired fans who are really showcasing some amazing makeup skills. I’ve seen any where from people doing it for fun, to practicing for Halloween, to actual makeup professionals doing tutorials. I reached out to the creators behind some of my favorite pictures for permission to re-post their work, and here are the results in no particular order. You can follow any of these talented ladies on Instagram by clicking their username under each photo. What I love the most is they all have their own unique take, yet they are all really awesome in their own right.
















Here is a big thank you to each artist for allowing me to share their work with you all. Feel free to give them a follow or hope on and give them some likes and show them support. As always you can find this blog on Instagram as well at AvatarSequelsdotcom or follow me personally at Wameyn.

Russian cosplay artist Murzikyuki as Neytiri

Russian cosplay artist Murzikyuki as Neytiri

I came across this stunning Avatar cosplay earlier this year. Yesterday I was able to contact Murzikyuki to receive permission to share her photos with everyone. Her cosplay is one of the best I have seen plus the background for the photos makes a fantastic Pandora. Enjoy!


You can find more photos of murzikyuki on her instagram and her cosplay page. If you enjoyed her cosplay please leave her a message and let her know.

Большое спасибо Мурзик!