Revisiting the Avatar comic

Revisiting the Avatar comic

For those who don’t know about or don’t remember, lets take a step back to May 6th, 2017. Dark Horse comics released an Avatar comic on Free Comic Book Day (FCDB) to comic shops around the country. It was a short story but had some great artwork and colors. The story followed Jake Sully and filled in some missing details the movie didn’t have a chance to cover. It was a small taste of what is to come, but it was a fantastic tease. We haven’t received any official word of when the series will officially launch, but it is rumored to be sometime in 2020 before the release of Avatar 2. In case you haven’t picked up your own copy yet I won’t spoil it for you. But here is a couple of pages that show how the book turned out.


The series was originally announced by James Cameron at NYCC in October of 2015. He said it will follow story lines from the past, present, and future of the first Avatar movie. Also a preview of the cover was released that featured Akwey the horse clan leader from the first film, and even had him riding on a toruk. However before the comic was released it was updated to Jake Sully, both the main picture and the na’vi riding toruk.


Initial preview cover


Final Cover


If you didn’t pick up a free copy back in 2017 don’t worry, you can pick up a copy off ebay around $5 shipped. Just search FCBD Avatar. I leave you with the video of James Cameron announcing the comic book series.




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