Pandora-The World of Avatar releases new merchandise

Pandora-The World of Avatar releases new merchandise

While the many Disney parks may be closed that hasn’t stopped Disney from rolling out some new merchandise. To kick off April Shop Disney is releasing some Pandora figures in their Wishables line. If you are new to Disney’s Wishables, they are small plush figures sometimes available as a single figure or also in blind bags where you can open one of several in a line. The Pandora line is all between 5-6 inches and includes 5 unique figures and two variants of the figures that aren’t yet known. You can purchase either, The Shaman of Songs, who is available individually, or you can get the blind bags, which includes a chance at a hexapede, viperwolf, banshee, or Na’vi sentry, and two mystery variants. These are listed as a “Limited Release” however I don’t know exact numbers.

As you can see from the links above these seem to have all sold out on the first day. I’ll be reaching out to Disney to see if more will be available or if that was it. I’ll update the post accordingly.

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