The World of Avatar : A Visual Celebration by Joshua Izzo

The World of Avatar : A Visual Celebration by Joshua Izzo

There is a new Avatar book coming called The World of Avatar: A Visual Celebration, it is set to be released on October 1st of this year. The title may be a bit confusing as we already have the theme park Pandora-The World of Avatar, but this is totally separate from that. Here is a description of the book from the publisher Penguin Random House.

It looks pretty cool to me, and I love Avatar books, so I am very excited to pick this us. You can pre-order it now from Amazon for $19.99 at the link below.
Avatar Sequels updates, do we have a composer yet?

Avatar Sequels updates, do we have a composer yet?

There has been several new updates to the sequels in February and March. Two new actors have been announced. Brenden Cowell as Mick Scoresby, a captain of a large-scale marine hunting vessel on Pandora, and Edie Falco as General Ardmore, the Commander in charge of the RDA’s interests. Also this past Thursday 3/28/19 Jon Landau announced the 2nd unit tank work was completed. It really feels like things are getting buttoned up on the Avatar motion/performance capture front. Live action is rumored to begin in May, so that is fast approaching.


I share this post from Jon Landau because in the comments I saw something very interesting to me, because it is something I have wondered about for a long time…

I noticed Jon only replied to this one comment out of 48. So it’s not like he was under any expectation to answer this, so I take this at face value. It’s very interesting that a composer hasn’t been chosen yet, but I am positive that Jon and Jim will find the best one for their vision. I am very sad James Horner passed away, his music was truly a masterpiece in the first film.

Avatar Inspired Makeup on Instagram

Avatar Inspired Makeup on Instagram

Over time I’ve noticed lots of awesome pictures on Instagram of Avatar inspired fans who are really showcasing some amazing makeup skills. I’ve seen any where from people doing it for fun, to practicing for Halloween, to actual makeup professionals doing tutorials. I reached out to the creators behind some of my favorite pictures for permission to re-post their work, and here are the results in no particular order. You can follow any of these talented ladies on Instagram by clicking their username under each photo. What I love the most is they all have their own unique take, yet they are all really awesome in their own right.
















Here is a big thank you to each artist for allowing me to share their work with you all. Feel free to give them a follow or hope on and give them some likes and show them support. As always you can find this blog on Instagram as well at AvatarSequelsdotcom or follow me personally at Wameyn.

Why Lightstorm moved to MBS

Why Lightstorm moved to MBS

I recently came across an article in the LA Times from back in 2011 that has a lot of really interesting information about Lightstorm and why James Cameron and Jon Landau decided on Manhattan Beach Studios as the home for the Avatar sequels. Thought I would share it, hope everyone enjoys and learns something new. Just click the link below for the article.

On Location: James Cameron to produce next two “Avatar” films at Manhattan Beach studio

Avatar: Tsu’tey’s Path Issue #2 releases tomorrow

Avatar: Tsu’tey’s Path Issue #2 releases tomorrow

Don’t forget that tomorrow, (February 13th, 2019) is the release of issue two of Dark Horse Comics new Avatar series. Just the same as issue one, it will feature two covers, the first by Doug Wheatley, and the the variant by Shea Standefer.

Doug Wheatley cover

Shea Standefer variant cover

You can purchase both copies at your local comic store, online, or digitally.

I use TFAW for my physical copies, depending how far in advance you pre-order they will typically have the issues for 10 or 20% off and are well packed in a thick envelope. You can click here to order —> TFAW

If you’d like to purchase digitally I recommend one of two ways. You can use Comixology which is now a part of Amazon. They are full priced but you can read them via their app or with your PC, both of which work great. You can purchase from them here —> Comixology

The second way I recommend reading them digitally is via Dark Horse directly. It works almost exactly like Comixology, the issues will be fully priced but you can again read them via PC or on their app. You can purchase from Dark Horse here—> Dark Horse

If you would like to purchase them locally here is a locater thats very simple to use to help you find comic shops nearest you. Comic Shop Locator

Two New Avatar Podcasts

Two New Avatar Podcasts

Good news Avatar fans. Last week on Discord I learned not one, but two new Avatar podcasts were launching. I don’t know about you but I love to listen to a good podcast, and it’s been years since I’ve had an Avatar related one to check out. So I wanted to share how you can also listen to them for yourself.

The first one I heard about is called “Eana Mokri” and you can find out more information about the podcast on the Learn Na’vi forums by clicking HERE.

Direct links to listen to this podcast are…




The second podcast I learned about it is from Tirea Aean and Tsyili, who are working on a Na’vi only podcast called “kelku ikranä a hawnventi yom” which can be heard at this link…

You can learn more about this podcast by also checking out the Learn Na’vi forums and clicking HERE.

Fan Spotlight: Karina

Fan Spotlight: Karina

Kaltxi! Allow me to introduce our newest featured fan, Karina, who hails from Semey, Kazakhstan. One of the first things you’ll notice about Karina is her hair, she explained to me that all of her interests are display in her appearance because she always changes her hair color.  A fun fact, Avatar first released in theaters on her 11th birthday, and having just turned 20 she has truly grown up with the franchise. Karina has finished medical college because she is going to work as a tattoo master, and to do so she first had to have the medical education. She is a self taught artist, drawing since she was a child, knitting, beading, among many other talents. She also loves to dance and is currently a hip hop dancer, and apart from art and dance is a fan of estoterics, and psychology.

Having been drawn to Avatar since she first saw it as an 11 year old she felt a connection to the Na’vi. Some of her favorite things about them was their beauty, strength, and grace. She also liked the way they live in harmony with animals, nature, each other, and Pandora. She feels Pandora is the most amazing place and is it’s own art form. Her favorite parts of Pandora are the flora, fauna, Eywa, and the glowing bioluminescence that comes out everywhere at night. Something that was important for Karina to express was for us to all remember that even though the film shows many humans vices. We should still remember our ability to sympathize with our neighbor by showing kindness, strength, love, and courage. We should never lose our humanity.

This past summer she did an Avatar photo shoot with her friend. Karina painted herself and her friend over 3 hours, and even made the jewelry and ears. While walking from the house to the car several children saw them and shouted “Avatar!.” While doing the photo shoot the Avatar soundtrack was playing, helping Karina and her friend get into their role as Na’vi. She said the atmosphere in the studio had such amazing atmosphere. It was an unforgettable experience for her and she hopes to do it again one day. So here is a sample of her incredible artwork, and some of the amazing photos from that shoot.


I first came across Karina on Instagram after another Avatar fan linked me to her profile, thanks Ryan, I reached out to her and was able to exchange emails and bring this spotlight to life. It’s so cool knowing people love Avatar across the world. It brought a huge smile to my face hearing about the children cheering Avatar when you were in full cosplay. I just want to say thank you to Karina for participating and for her patience while I brought this article to fruition. If you’d like to follow her for yourself please check her out on her Instagram.

Pandora: The World of Avatar Soundtrack Released Today

Pandora: The World of Avatar Soundtrack Released Today

Disney has finally released the official soundtrack from Pandora. You can now listen to some of the beautiful music featured at the park. It includes songs heard on the two main rides, Flight of Passage and Na’vi River Journey, plus additional tracks featured at Pongu Pongu and Satu’li Canteen. For only $9.99 you can own the album yourself by going to iTunes. The music was composed by the late James Horner and Simon Franglen who both worked on the Avatar soundtrack released in 2009.

The track list-

  1. Flight of Passage Ride Through – James Horner & Simon Franglen
  2. Na’vi River Journey Ride Through – Sandra Benton
  3. Pandora Walk Through – James Horner & Simon Franglen
  4. The Shaman Call (from Windtraders) – Simon Franglen
  5. Magic of the Land (from Windtraders) – James Horner
  6. Spirits of Mo’ara (from Windtraders) – James Horner
  7. Raggatar (from Satu’li Canteen) – James Horner & Simon Franglen
  8. Shaman of the Souls (from Satu’li Canteen) – James Horner & Simon Franglen
  9. Surf’s Up (from Satu’li Canteen) – James Horner & Simon Franglen
  10. Bossa (from Pongu Pongu) – James Horner & Simon Franglen
  11. Surf’s Up (from Pongu Pongu) – James Horner & Simon Franglen
  12. Wave (from Pongu Pongu) – Simon Franglen


Avatar: Pandora Rising Trademarked by Fox

Avatar: Pandora Rising Trademarked by Fox

It is an exciting time to be an Avatar fan. We are still 745 days away from the release of Avatar 2, but only 44 days away from the release of the upcoming Avatar comics. Also Twitter user Andrew Marmo recently discovered that 20th Century Fox trademarked ‘Avatar: Pandora Rising’ on 11/30/18. The trademark is filed under two different categories that have to do with video games, the first for video game software and the second that it can be used to provide interactive online entertainment. While is isn’t know at this time if this will be the official name for Massive Entertainments: The Avatar Project (which we featured here) it would seem to be a very strong possibility. If you’d like to check out the trademark for yourself click the link below.



The Avatar Project from Massive Entertainment

The Avatar Project from Massive Entertainment

Official Avatar Game Announcement Trailer from March 1, 2017.

As most of you know, Ubisoft is making a new Avatar game. A lot is still unknown at this time and I’ve been seeing lots of rumors that are being spoken as if they have become fact. Ubisoft also created the first Avatar game that was released in 2009, and many people believe the same group of people are making the new game. That is false, the new game is being developed by Massive Entertainment which is a subsidiary of Ubisoft, but is not the same group who made the first game. This will be Massive Entertainments twelveth game since the studio inception in 1997. Massive is based out of Sweden. The original Avatar: The Game was developed by Ubisoft Montreal out of Canada. With that said I thought I’d make an article on what we know so far. As of now the game doesn’t have a title, they are calling it “The Avatar Project” and have a website up for the game. The website has limited information but I will link to it below. The game will be produced by Massive using the Snowdrop engine, which has been used with Ubisoft’s game The Division and The Divison II which releases next year. I purchased the Division just to see how the game was. It is a 3rd person shooter and I don’t expect much if anything will be carried over from it to Avatar, but the game was smooth and played well, and has very nice current generation graphics.

It has been announced the game will not release significantly before Avatar is released in December of 2020 and as of now, no official release date has been stated for the release. They released the first Avatar game on December 1 2009, which could give us an idea of the time frame the sequel will be released in regards to Avatar 2 coming out, however that is pure speculation. That is all we know officially so far, hopefully we will be learning more and more about the game very soon. We don’t yet know what we will even be doing in the game, but watching the trailer above would seem to imply we will get to go to Pandora and live an alternative life, and everyone gets to chose how they want to experience Pandora. Sounds very exciting to me!

Avatar Project Website

Ubisoft won’t release Avatar game before 2020

Official Press Release from Ubisoft