Mattel Avatar Checklist with Pictures

Mattel Avatar Checklist with Pictures

I’ve noticed a lot of checklists from the Mattel Avatar figure line that are online that claim to be complete but are far from it. So I thought I’d put together a complete checklist of what was released in the US distribution region. As far as foreign releases I am not 100% sure, I have seem a couple variants and one set we never received here at all.

For a text only checklist CLICK HERE.

Avatar Mattel Figure Checklist

Human/RDA Figures

Norm Spellman
Trudy Chacon
Dr. Grace Augustine
Jake Sully
Jake Sully (Harley Shirt)
Col Miles Quaritch

Na’vi/RDA Figures

Avatar Jake Sully
Avatar Jake Sully (w/ bio lume)
Avatar Jake Sully Warrior
Avatar Jake Sully RDA
Avatar Norm Spellman
Avatar Norm Spellman (w/ bio lume)
Avatar Dr. Grace Augustine
Tsu’tey (w/ bio lume) Nintendo Wii & DS exclusive
Tsu’tey (warpaint)
Neytiri (w/ bio lume)
Eytukan (w/ bio lume)
Akwey (w/ bio lume)

RDA Vehicles

Amp Suit
Amp Suit
RDA Gunship
RDA Grinder


Direhorse (w/ bio lume)
Jake’s Banshee
Tsu’tey’s Banshee

Misc Sets

Interactive Battle Pack
Viperwolf Attack with Avatar Jake Sully
The Final Battle (2010 SDCC exclusive)

Movie Masters 7″ Figures

Avatar Jake Sully RDA (Xbox 360 & PS3 exclusive)
Avatar Jake Sully Warrior
Avatar Jake Sully
Col Miles Quaritch


Each figure comes with its own i-TAG with a few exceptions.* The tags could be used in front of a webcam by going to where you could then manipulate their movements in real time. It was a lot of fun but sadly the website no longer is active. Two i-TAGs were exclusive to pre-ordering Avatar The Game for PS3 and Xbox 360 at Best Buy.

Beyda’amo SWAN G.A.V. (Best Buy exclusive)

*The Movie Master 7″ figures, the video game exclusives, and the 2010 SDCC set didn’t have i-TAGs

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