Fan Spotlight: Karina

Fan Spotlight: Karina

Kaltxi! Allow me to introduce our newest featured fan, Karina, who hails from Semey, Kazakhstan. One of the first things you’ll notice about Karina is her hair, she explained to me that all of her interests are display in her appearance because she always changes her hair color.  A fun fact, Avatar first released in theaters on her 11th birthday, and having just turned 20 she has truly grown up with the franchise. Karina has finished medical college because she is going to work as a tattoo master, and to do so she first had to have the medical education. She is a self taught artist, drawing since she was a child, knitting, beading, among many other talents. She also loves to dance and is currently a hip hop dancer, and apart from art and dance is a fan of estoterics, and psychology.

Having been drawn to Avatar since she first saw it as an 11 year old she felt a connection to the Na’vi. Some of her favorite things about them was their beauty, strength, and grace. She also liked the way they live in harmony with animals, nature, each other, and Pandora. She feels Pandora is the most amazing place and is it’s own art form. Her favorite parts of Pandora are the flora, fauna, Eywa, and the glowing bioluminescence that comes out everywhere at night. Something that was important for Karina to express was for us to all remember that even though the film shows many humans vices. We should still remember our ability to sympathize with our neighbor by showing kindness, strength, love, and courage. We should never lose our humanity.

This past summer she did an Avatar photo shoot with her friend. Karina painted herself and her friend over 3 hours, and even made the jewelry and ears. While walking from the house to the car several children saw them and shouted “Avatar!.” While doing the photo shoot the Avatar soundtrack was playing, helping Karina and her friend get into their role as Na’vi. She said the atmosphere in the studio had such amazing atmosphere. It was an unforgettable experience for her and she hopes to do it again one day. So here is a sample of her incredible artwork, and some of the amazing photos from that shoot.


I first came across Karina on Instagram after another Avatar fan linked me to her profile, thanks Ryan, I reached out to her and was able to exchange emails and bring this spotlight to life. It’s so cool knowing people love Avatar across the world. It brought a huge smile to my face hearing about the children cheering Avatar when you were in full cosplay. I just want to say thank you to Karina for participating and for her patience while I brought this article to fruition. If you’d like to follow her for yourself please check her out on her Instagram.

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