Avatar has a new logo that is papyrus free

Avatar has a new logo that is papyrus free

Avatar changed its logo that they have been using since 2016, here is the older 2016 logo…

And the new one…

Nothing too drastic, and I think the new one looks really good aesthetically. They also got rid of the words “James Cameron’s” which is even more interesting to me than the fact the changed from the papyrus font. I guess the fact the word Avatar is underneath an ikran is enough to distinguish which Avatar franchise it is. Let us know what you think about the new updated look.

One thought on “Avatar has a new logo that is papyrus free

  1. I liked the original Avatar 1 logo and I got used to it, but I like this new one too. It still feels like the original logo, but with a stronger texture and more tree and nature motives. Something tells me that I’ll get used to this new logo as well.
    At least nobody can rant anymore that they took the Papyrus font for the logo. 😂
    I just miss “James Cameron’s” on the new logo so it distinguishes this Avatar from other Avatars in pop culture.

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