Avatar falls to Endgame for all-time box office gross

Avatar falls to Endgame for all-time box office gross

Film From Studio Acquired by Walt Disney Finally Beats Film From Studio Acquired by Walt Disney for Box Office Record

Wow what a title. This is a fantastic article that sums up how I feel about the achievement. Apart from that I have nothing else to add.

Enjoy your day Avatar fans!

3 thoughts on “Avatar falls to Endgame for all-time box office gross

  1. The biggest moment of unforseen foreshadowing of all time… “Look at all that cheddar”
    To try to find some positiveness, the good news for the Avatar franchise is that all of this financial status sillyness kicked up by this fake Disney fued, will help to spure curiosity when the next Avatar sequel comes out.

  2. With all due respect, almost nobody believes that a flawed re-release with only 5 minutes or less of bad documentary and unfinished deleted stuff of a terrible movie has made 40 millions more, a proof of that was the irascible reaction of the fans, supposedly calling out Disney for “FRAUD”. Those “Endgame has to be the number 1 movie of all time” people even made a mistake: If you see Box Office Mojo, you will notice a strange “anomaly” of 15 million dollars in the International box office results, from July 5 to July 12… That Website EVEN put a message of “This website is under construction” in that section last August… It’s so suspicious! Well, I went to the re-release. Sunday. Afternoon. 5 persons in the cinema… Doing maths, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to make 40 million dollars in those conditions. But don’t worry, Disney, Marvel Studios and Forbes are happy now. Even if the movie didn’t beat Avatar’s international box office record, even if the movie ONLY has made 6 (not 7 or 8) million dollars more. Well, if you search in Google things like “Avengers: Endgame’s box office was rigged”, you have 0 results, so, the fact is that NOBODY is saying that Endgame’s box Office was a FRAUD, it is so IMPOSSIBLE—due to the movie is so terrible and boring, and almost everybody hated the “BONUS FEATURE” re-release— that actually proves that those results are a FRAUD. I also think that Avengers: Endgame is a cinematic disaster, I suggest you not to watch the Internet. There’s still a lot of evidence that NOT everything you hear in the internet is true. But we live in a world “packed with a lot of lies”. When I saw Avengers: Endgame I left the theatre thinking I had seen a really bad movie, and a fascistic story: They even killed Thanos two times in the same movie! In addition, Stark killed EVERY bad guy. Even in a supposedly fascistic story like the story of the movie 300 they left alive ONE person. I talked about this with a lot of people. Some of them think that the movie actually was a fascistic movie. Last month I searched “Avengers: Endgame is a fascistic movie” in Google: 0 results. That’s the proof I needed, because it’s IMPOSSIBLE that only me and my friends have noticed that! In addition, Google showed me one very strange result: “Avengers: endgame is a liberal cry”. What? Liberal????? I know that Bob Igert is a great person, I think he is a “liberal” politician too, but, did you notice that Avengers: Endgame actually looks more like an alt-right movie with some SJW elements on it? The two heroes of the movie are Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, two “white” man (I hate this “white”, “black”, etc., racist words), and the rest of the people (the “black” avengers and the “female” avengers) didn’t do more than those two guys. So, I’ve no doubt that:
    .Avengers: Endgame is a terrible, idiotic, alt-right, massively flawed and boring movie.
    .It’s very possible that the box office results of Endgame are fake.
    .Almost nobody is going to rememeber Avengers: Endgame in 8 or 9 years.
    .Fascists, alt-righters, sexists, haters, racists and liars will be defeated!

    1. I haven’t seen it yet, and don’t wish to. I really don’t like anything in the MCU apart from Guardians of the Galaxy. Them being included in End Game isn’t enough for me to give it a try. I can’t speak of the politics of the movie sense I haven’t seen it. The hype died down very quickly it seems after it got the record, I’m personally glad to not have to hear about it any more.

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