Avatar 2 pushed back again?

Avatar 2 pushed back again?

It’s hard to tell from this little amount of information but it sure looks like it. Updates to follow as we learn more.


Meanwhile, James Cameron’s Avatar 2 and its followups have been delayed again. The first of the planned sequel films has been pushed back a year, from Dec. 18, 2020 to Dec. 17, 2021. Avatar 3 has been pushed back two years, from its December 2021 date to Dec. 22, 2023. Avatar 4 has been delayed a year, from December 2024 to Dec. 29, 2025, while Avatar 5 has moved two years from December 2025 to Dec. 27, 2027. The Avatar sequels have a long history of being pushed, with filmmaker James Cameron in the past stating he needed more time to refine the technology for the films, which he shooting consecutively. “Busy on set, so no time to hang around but just dropping in to share the news — Sivako!” he tweeted Tuesday after the news broke.

It would seem it is in fact about the first sequel, Avatar 2 is now pushed back again.

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