2019: Ten Years Since Avatar Day

2019: Ten Years Since Avatar Day

August 22, 2019, will mark ten years since Avatar Day.  The day when James Cameron released a free screening of 15 minutes of Avatar to the world.  Some future Avatar fans never got to see it, but it was a distilled version of the 25 minute segment that was shown at Comic Con earlier that year.  The footage  included six scenes plus a rapidly edited “action montage” consisting mostly of images already shown in the trailer that had already been released.

It got mixed reviews at the time, from the enthusiastic through to ‘close but no cigar’.  For those of us who were to become fans of the film, it did not matter what people thought as we each have our own unique and individual connection to the film, the world, the themes, the story and the language.

Avatar Day was probably the first time that a movie promotion that had gone quite so far in making an event out of a film tease.  It seems to have been done for a number of reasons, besides creating hype for the film.  It was a way of introducing the audience to a relatively new immersive 3D experience and also convince industry that there was a market for 3D technology.  It was also a call for movie theaters to upgrade their projection equipment because it was getting close to show time!

So as ten years since Avatar Day approaches in 2019, how do you think it should be marked?

Please send any ideas, thoughts, and suggestions to avatarsequels@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “2019: Ten Years Since Avatar Day

  1. Will have to give this some thought, I remember Avatar day being a thing, but back then I had no idea what it would become for me… as I would end up waiting almost a year later for my Avatar journey to begin, but I have never looked back 🙂

    1. I must admit Avatar Day went past me. I didn’t know a thing about Avatar until I saw a trailer on TV…and we know what the result of that was! 😉

      It would be good to celebrate Avatar Day in some way that as many fans as possible can be involved. It would be a great opportunity to get ‘Ikrans flying’ again as things ramp up towards the launch of the sequels 🙂

    2. Same for me, I didn’t know what Avatar Day was and never got a chance to see any of that footage. The first time I saw anything Avatar related was a trailer on Thanksgiving. Then I didn’t see the actual movie until 1/1/2010. Ever since then I’ve been hooked though. 🙂 Thanks for sending in the email Nick, I am passing it along to Alan.

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