1/6th Scale custom Neytiri

1/6th Scale custom Neytiri

In May of 2012 Hot Toys released Jake Sully. He was 1/6th scale and in my opinion the most lifelike representation we have received from the movie Avatar for any of the characters. At 18″ tall he felt great in hand, was poseable, had lifelike eyes, and a fantastic paint job.  There was rumor of a future Neytiri release but since it was already two and a half years from the release of Avatar it never came to fruition. That has always been a huge hole in my collection as having this amazing Jake Sully figure without Neytiri is like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with no jelly, it just stinks. I have anxiously awaited Hot Toys or the fan community to create a worthy Neytiri to go along with Jake. An Avatar fan by the username of Fierox was the first person I saw working towards that goal. He had been making some amazing 3D models of Jake and Neytiri and was sharing them on his Deviant Art page and on the Avatar Forum, Tree of Souls. Eventually he started working towards taking the Neytiri model and making it a working 1/6th scale figure that could be 3D printed and cast, molded, and possibly sold. I was very interested, however an issue arose that was out of Fierox hands during development, and the project ended up stalling. He had come a long ways and created a unique looking and well designed Neytiri. You can check out his progress posts on Fierox Deviant Art, and on a thread he started on Tree of Souls.

After things didn’t work out with the Fierox version of Neytiri I didn’t see any more attempts by fans until 2019. I stumbled across a 1/6th scale customizer who goes by MB Custom Figures. I saw on his Facebook page that back in 2017 he had created his own 1/6th scale Neytiri, and she looked great. After speaking to MB I found out he was working on updating that figure and working some kinks out. So I followed his work on Facebook and stayed in contact with the hope one day I’d be able to purchase a Neytiri for myself. In September of 2020 MB was ready to take orders and I put my name in for one. He kept me updated with photos, messages, and videos along the journey until Neytiri was finished and shipped. I really can’t express how great she is, the tiny details are incredible, and she looks even better than the Hot Toys Jake. The level of detail and care that went into hand crafting her is evident, and MB was professional and courteous. You can check out MB’s Facebook and see what else he’s been working on and his other versions of Neytiri. I was able to choose between 3 heads, and a couple different versions of her movie accurate looks. I choose to go with a face and look that would match Jake. That is why she has her warpaint look with a subdued facial expression.

Photos ahead…

Hot Toys Jake Sully with Fierox Neytiri (picture from ToS)

Hot Toys Jake Sully

Hot Toys Jake Sully next to MB Custom Figures Neytiri

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